The core abilities for our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) or what we prefer to call Emotional Intelligence (EQ) programs starts with an understanding of the following core abilities related to personal success and is the foundation of all learning. One builds upon the other.


Personal Skills Map®

The Personal Skills Map is our emotional intelligence assessment. The competencies that are measured by the assessment are grouped in the following way:

Core Emotional Intelligence Competencies Related to Personal Success



Scale # 1 – Self-Esteem
Scale # 10 – Stress Management
Scale # 11 – Physical Wellness


Scale # 2 – Interpersonal Assertion
Scale # 12 – Interpersonal Aggression—Anger Control
Scale # 13 – Interpersonal Deference—Fear Control


Scale # 3 – Interpersonal Awareness
Scale # 4 – Empathy
Scale # 6 – Decision Making
Scale # 8 – Sales Orientation/Leadership


Scale # 5 – Drive Strength/Motivation
Scale # 7 – Time Management
Scale # 9 – Commitment Ethic
Scale # 14 – Positive Personal Change–Comfort

Personal Responsibility Map™

Core Emotional Intelligence Competencies Related to Goal Setting and Achievement

The key to motivation and learning is to set and then achieve a goal. Without a goal there is no motivation, no commitment and no need for time management.


The Competencies for Personal Responsibility are grouped in this way:


Scale # 1 – Goal Setting
Scale # 2 – Self-Efficacy
Scale # 3 – Values Congruence
Scale # 4 – Achievement Drive
Scale # 5 – Supportive Environment
Scale # 6 – Self-Esteem


Scale # 7 – Self-Control
Scale # 8 – Self-Management
Scale # 9 – Problem Solving
Scale # 10 – Resiliency
Scale # 11 – Self-Improvement
Scale # 12 – Personal Responsibility

Just knowing about SEL/EQ isn’t going to translate into positive outcomes for your program. If you really want to see results, you need to apply this information in a way that will help the individuals you work with set goals, manage their emotions, and develop the skills they need to be successful in today’s information economy.

If you need help connecting PBIS to meaningful outcomes, we’ve developed social/emotional learning standards that you can download for FREE. These standards are research-based and organized by stage of life, so you can easily identify which skills to work on with your users or students.

If you’d like to download our soft skills standards you can find them here:

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