Self-improvement is the eleventh scale of our Personal Responsibility Map®, which is the core assessment in our goal setting and self-determination program. What exactly is Self-Improvement? Self-improvement is a profound desire to change in order to improve as an individual. This change can occur in any area of life, whether physically, emotionally, academically, or when it comes to career fulfillment. Self-improvement involves being open to learning and change while constantly looking for ways to improve oneself.

Self-Improvement & The PBIS Model


PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports), is a term used to describe the proactive approach to establishing the behavioral supports needed for students to achieve social, emotional, and academic success. This definition brings together the worlds of academic instruction and behavior intervention. In the PBIS model, helping students open themselves up to change and personal improvement is fundamental to the educational process. Cultivating these traits in students is key to the success of any PBIS program.


Self-improvement begins with an awareness of one’s self. Self-awareness means having knowledge of one’s self and how one thinks, feels, and behaves. In 1939 the scientist Erich Fromm first noticed the connection between self-concept and how one feels about others. Hatred against one’s self is tied to hatred against others. In 1961, noted psychologist Carl Rogers wrote that self-awareness and self-acceptance, as well as the ability to know and accept others, are needed for personal growth.


These ideas are crucial for understanding the best practices for instilling self-improvement in your students. If your students are not aware of how they think, feel, and behave they will be unable to engage in the change process. Ultimately, it is up to you to figure out where your individual students are at when it comes to their ability to be objective about themselves. Only then will you be able to instill in them the ability to seek self-improvement.

Self-Improvement Demands Personal Change

Everyone has limitations. It is part of being human. What is most important is how students deal with their limitations and attempt to overcome these obstacles. Having a solid awareness of one’s self is critical to this change process. Once they become aware of their strengths and weaknesses, they move up the ladder of personal development towards self-improvement.

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