About Terry Schmitz

Terry Schmitz is the founder and owner of The Conover Company. Terry has been involved in the development of assessments for both education and corporations for over 30 years. He has developed hundreds of job-specific assessment systems that link to skill building systems.

Stress: Is it as minor as we think it is?

The Importance of Stress Management How big is the problem of poorly managed stress? Experts estimate that stress costs the American economy more than $300 billion each year. Medical experts estimate that 80% of all health problems are, at least in part, due to stress. While the effects of stress [...]

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PBIS – Focus On the Cause Not the Symptom

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) has been around for a long time. The process has had time to establish and refine itself in most school systems across the nation. Most systems seem to start with some sort of data- based decision making that leads to establishing a set of [...]

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Bullying Prevention – Addressing Bullying at its Source

An immense amount of materials have been developed over the years to address the problem of bullying. Most deal with the actions of the bully but not the victim of the bullying. But bullying is a double edged sword. It involves the bully or the giver and the receiver or [...]

Anger Management – Stress Management Overview

What does everyone have in common, no matter what part of the world they come from? We can all recognize an angry face when we see one. Anger is a common emotion for all of us. While everyone experiences anger not everyone reacts to feelings of anger in the same [...]

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Conover’s Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Process

A quick internet search on the definition of PBIS results in two common threads—reducing problematic behaviors and increasing academic success, with an emphasis on evidence-based research. But, ever since PBIS was first introduced in 1997 in the re-authorization of IDEA as a research-based framework for supporting children with behavioral disorders, [...]

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Interpersonal Assertion – Steps to Success

Jump start your new assertive communication style! Sometimes taking that first step is the hardest part when you are trying to do something important. It can be overwhelming to think about and remember everything you must do in order to be assertive. You might be held back by a fear [...]

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Core Abilities and Competencies of Conover’s Workplace Readiness Credential for Soft Skills

The core abilities and competencies for our Workplace Readiness Credential focus on the concept of workplace related Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) or what we prefer to call Emotional Intelligence (EQ). The Workplace Readiness Credential consists of three core abilities or programs focusing on the ability to prepare, search and [...]

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Interpersonal Assertion – Becoming More Assertive

If you believe that you have either an aggressive or deferring communication style, you know you need to change. By now, you may have even set goals to become more assertive. Now you need to take the next step and do something about it. It’s easy to make goals. Actually [...]

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Bullying Prevention – You Can’t Discipline Your Way Out of the Problem

Recently the U.S. Department of Education sent guidance from the director of the Office of Special Education Programs, Ruth Ryder, to all public schools stating that schools are required to provide positive behavioral supports to students with disabilities. One major reason these supports are needed is because these students are [...]

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Interpersonal Assertion – Personal Inventory

Are you aware of your own communication style? It’s easy to point out aggressive and deferring communication styles in others, but what most people don’t realize is that they, themselves, exhibit these same weaknesses. If you are doing something wrong, would you want to know about it, or just keep [...]

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