We help people to help people reach their full potential.

Online assessment and skill-building tools that deliver custom training proven to maximize personal and professional success.

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We help people to help people reach their full potential.

Online assessment and skill-building tools that deliver custom training proven to maximize personal and professional success.

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Meet your reporting requirements with the click of a button

Share in the achievements of the people you work with as you put them in the best position to succeed

Focus on what is important by automatically delivering custom training plans to the individuals you work with

Delivering individualized instruction for EVERY person you work with is a difficult and time consuming task. When you add all your additional responsibilities and the reporting requirements, it can feel like the entire system is working against you.

We have helped over 13,000 organizations to help millions of people maximize their personal and professional success using online assessment and skill building tools.

Some of the places Conover tools are used

Is delivering effective assessment and skill-building curriculum harder than it should be?

  • Does it feel like you don’t have enough time to get everything done?
  • Do you question whether your curriculum is actually working?
  • Are you feeling the weight of responsibility for helping your program participants succeed?

  • Is it overwhelming trying to meet the reporting requirements for program accountability?

  • Do you wonder it you are putting the people you work with in the best position to succeed?

  • Does the assessment process make your brain hurt?

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Conover Online works for both private and public sector organizations

  • Special Education

  • HR

  • Workforce Development

  • Title 1

  • Adult Education

  • Anger Management

  • Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Workability

  • Continuing Education

  • Leadership Programs

  • Corporate Training

  • Career & Technical Education

  • Autism

  • Life Skills

  • Much More!

If you need to deliver research-based assessments and provide instruction to help the people you work with be successful, Conover Online is for you.

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Discover how Conover has helped programs like yours create success for the people they work with.

Why Conover Works – 4 Steps to Improving Outcomes

1. Conover Online quickly and accurately assesses the needs of the individuals you work with.

Clearly understanding the abilities of the individuals you work is the first step in their self-improvement journey. Being able to accurately and honestly assess their abilities can be difficult, which is where an evidence-based assessment system like Conover Online can help establish a baseline

2. The management systems analyzes the data and identifies the areas of need for each person in your program.

Once you know where the individuals you work with stand, you can see clearly what you need to change or improve. When you use an evidence-based assessment, the results can show you exactly what needs to happen in order to get the individual where they want to be.

3. Each individual receives a custom success plan tailored to their specific needs which Conover Online automatically delivers.

Knowledge without action is useless, and having a clearly defined plan to follow is the first step toward taking action. When you have a plan, you don’t need to focus on how far away the destination is – you can focus on just taking the next step.

4. Your program participants get the skills they need to be successful and you look like a genius.

Conover Online delivers the customized learning plans to the individuals that you work with and the data you need to know that it’s working.

As an educator for over 30 years, I can honestly say that Conover has the tools I have waited for to instruct and enhance my students’ skills for their future.

George M.

Thanks to the Conover Company’s programs, the teachers in our special education department are more comfortable writing transition plans. Conover Online has also helped our department tremendously in our last audit. We received a 100% rating on transition plans and there were no compliance findings in our report.

Joe Ann D.
At the Bergen County One Stop, Hackensack NJ, we have been using Conover Workplace Readiness for all clients entering into a training contract funded by of WIOA. This past year we have expanded Conover to include the GA/SNAP clients. In the GA/SNAP program the counselor uses Conover as the course material to conduct a class. The class attendance is part of their program requirements. From this process we have identified clients who have been placed into training and others who have accepted employment. The Conover program provides us the ability to provide soft skills training as well as training concerning other issues affecting the clients.
Greg J.

It is truly a treasure to find such a program with high interest and lower ability levels, filling so many different areas of skill like educational, functional and vocational needs. I am very grateful to have come across such a unique program to use for my child. It almost seems to have been tailor-made to address his areas of needs while teaching the way he learns best, as well as keeping his interest.

Kathy K.

The curriculum coordinator and I have printed the outstanding manuals that accompany each program. We are assigning classrooms particular modules to be covered this year that are appropriate for language and reading goals. My students need every moment to be a teaching/learning opportunity and these exceptional modules keep them actively involved in the instructional process. The subjects are solid and in tune with real life action videos that students want to use again and again. You have done all the work for us.

Susan B.

I have looked for years for materials for my moderate/severe middle & high school students. It has been almost impossible to find things that are age appropriate, yet at a developmental level appropriate for the wide variety of students that I teach. Until now.

Michelle R.

See for yourself how Conover Online can help you:

  • Win back time by simplifying the assessment process
  • Provide the accountability your program needs with automated reports
  • Deliver the targeted curriculum your participants need to reach their full potential
  • Feel confident that you are putting the people you work with in the best position to succeed

Getting started with Conover Online is easy – just request a quote to get started!

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