Conover Online for TRIO

Set your students up for success, while they work from anywhere.

Conover Online for TRIO

Set your students up for success, while they work from anywhere.

Getting each student in your TRIO program the skills they need to succeed for years to come is a difficult and time consuming task. It’s even more difficult when you can’t be in the same location and anxiety and stress are at all-time highs! When you add all your additional responsibilities and the reporting requirements, it can feel like the entire system is working against you.

And in the back of your head, there’s a nagging question that simply won’t go away:

Are you 100% sure you’re putting your students in the best possible position to succeed after they leave your TRIO program?

The Unique Challenges Your TRIO Program Faces Right Now

  • Having to figure out an online model – COVID-19 has forced many programs to quickly figure out how to provide TRIO training online via distance learning. In addition to figuring out how you’re going to teach differently, you may also have to help with technical issues and accessibility (especially for your low-income students) as they access your program from home.

  • Additional responsibilities – In addition to doing your best to equip each student for their entire work life in the limited time you have to work with them with the skills they need to be successful, you have to somehow figure out how to balance administrative duties and reporting regulations to meet legislative requirements. And now you have to figure out how to do it all remotely.

  • Unique individual needs – Each student you work with is unique. And it’s difficult to know if you’re connecting with your students when you can’t be face-to-face with them. It’s hard to help students who aren’t fully invested in the process, and it’s even more difficult to do that using distance education – but that doesn’t stop you from ultimately feeling responsible for their success.

Everyone has enough to worry about right now. It’s hard enough to get your students the skills they need to be successful normally, and being forced to do it online just isn’t fair. You shouldn’t have to worry about complicated tech setups or worry if things are accessible to your students. We can help you overcome these obstacles so your staff can do what they do best: focus on helping your students develop a clear career path and the motivation to achieve it.

As an educator for over 30 years, I can honestly say that Conover has the tools I have waited for to instruct and enhance my students’ skills for their future.

George M.

How We Can Help

We have helped over 13,000 organizations just like yours to help millions of individuals achieve personal and professional success. Using our online assessment and skill building tools you can deliver customized learning plans to help all users reach their full potential.

  • Deliver effective training and education for every student you work with using research-based tools.

  • Give your students access to battle-tested online technology tools anywhere, anytime they need them.

  • Win back time by simplifying the assessment process.

  • Decrease your dropout rate by increasing your students’ motivation to achieve their goals.

  • Provide the accountability your program needs with automated reports.

  • Deliver targeted instruction so your students are prepared and ready for the world of work.

  • Feel confident that you are putting the students you work with in the best possible position to succeed.

Have unused funds from a grant?

Conover Online uses a unique credits-based pricing system. You purchase credits to make assignments to your participants so you only pay for what you use. Unlike a traditional subscription service, this means you don’t end up spending money for access to something you never use. And since credits you buy now never expire, investing in credits now is a great way to use funds now so your program is set up for success for years to come!

Conover Online™ is a unique research-based approach for assessing and teaching personal success skills needed in all areas of life. Each one of the products listed below has a self-directed online version and an instructor-led version with workbooks to use with your participants.

Career Pathways/Integrated Learning

A self-directed career pathways system that includes an interest assessment, hands-on activities, integrated learning and career planning build a career portfolio.

Emotional Intelligence

A system for emotional intelligence (EQ) that is proven to increase student retention and graduation rates by focusing on interpersonal awareness, decision making, leadership & more.

Goal Setting & Growth Mindset

A system focused on goal-setting and achievement that will lead to success in personal and academic life by focusing on skills like resiliency, self-management, problem solving & more.

Soft Skills

A system focused on critical soft skills that are needed in order to achieve success in life and the workplace. Things like attitude, planning and organizing, teamwork & more.

Some of the places Conover tools are used

As you know, we are using the Conover program in our weekly workshops.  One of my clients in the workshop today shared that he got a job and continued to say he felt that half of it was due to the assistance he has been receiving from the program. He stated more specifically that half of it was due to the guidance he received through the “Preparing For The Interview” segment of the Conover Workplace Readiness series.

George A.

Why Conover Online Works – 4 Steps to Improving Outcomes

1. Conover Online quickly and accurately assesses the needs of the students you work with.

Clearly understanding your own abilities is the first step in any self-improvement journey. Being able to accurately and honestly assess the abilities of your students can be difficult, which is where an evidence-based assessment system like Conover Online can help establish a solid baseline.

2. The management systems analyzes the data and identifies the areas of need for each individual in your program.

Once you know where the individuals you work with stand, you can see clearly what they need to change or improve to achieve their post-secondary goals. The right assessment tool can give you the data you need to pinpoint exactly what the individual needs to in order to set them up for future success.

3. Each individual receives a custom success plan tailored to their specific needs which Conover Online automatically delivers.

Each student works on their individualized education plan independently, developing the soft skills they will need to be successful in their post-secondary goal placement. Conover Online delivers the instruction automatically based on their assessment results, using video-modeling to effectively teach the skills they need.

4. Your students get the skills they need to be successful and you look like a genius.

Conover Online delivers the customized learning plans to the individuals that you work with and the data you need to know that it’s working. Their learning is tracked in an online management system so you can see live updates of their progress and feel confident you’re helping them develop the skills they need to be successful – in college and beyond.

If you need to deliver research-based assessment and provide instruction to help your students set achieve their post-secondary goals, then Conover Online is for you.

Don’t let things continue to be harder than they need to be. Stop wondering if your students will be successful after they leave your program or whether they can access your distance learning tools. Quit wasting precious time and get rid of the stress that comes from having to manually collect and manage data for accountability reporting.

We can help your TRIO program meet the needs of your students via accessible distance learning. Give your students a clear career path and the motivation to achieve it, even if you can’t do it in the classroom. Win back time by simplifying the assessment process and allowing you to meet your reporting requirements with the click of a button. Go from stressed out and overwhelmed to calm, confident, and in control as you put your students in the best possible position to decrease dropouts and get the results your program is looking for.

Getting started with Conover Online is easy – learn more by scheduling a demo!