Workplace Readiness®

A research-based soft skills assessment and training system to better prepare individuals for the workplace.

Workplace Readiness®

A research-based soft skills assessment and training system to better prepare individuals for the workplace.

Research conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Center has
all concluded that 85% of job success comes from having well‐developed soft and people skills, and only 15% of job success comes from technical skills and knowledge (hard skills). (1918) That is not a typo, soft skills has been identified as critically important for workplace success for almost 100 years. Our Workplace Readiness system was developed to address these critical workplace skills.

Why Soft Skills

Soft skills refers to a group of personal qualities that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people, personal qualities such as a positive attitude, the ability to communicate, to think critically, to organize and plan, to work with a team, and more.

Our Workplace Readiness system is the culmination of almost 40 years of research and development in the area of emotional intelligence. What we have learned is that soft skills are difficult to teach because there are many emotional intelligence competencies that form the foundation for soft skills.  Give your program participants a leg up in preparing for, seeking and securing the career of their choice.

Many people say that soft skills cannot be assessed and then taught. We disagree! With 40 years of experience to back us up we know that in order to successfully assess and teach soft skills you have to dig deep into the foundation emotional intelligence skills as well.

Our products represent the best of both worlds.

Research-Based Effectiveness

Everything in our Workplace Readiness System is evidence-based and built off of 40+ years of research. Download the White Paper on Workplace Readiness – The Need for Soft Skills Assessment and Skill Intervention.

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How It Works

1. The system begins with a comprehensive pre-assessment of workplace readiness (Job Readiness Map™, Job Seeking Map™, and Job Keeping Map™)

2. Results are then scored and stored. Conover Online™ then assigns follow-up activities based upon scores below the 70th percentile…

3. …and then delivers all assigned activities. Includes over 750 30-60 second videos that run on all computers and mobile devices such as a cell phone, iPad® or Chromebook™.

4. Upon completion of each skill intervention activity a post assessment is administered to document skill acquisition. If the pre- and post-assessment scores are 70% or above, the skill area will be added to the credential

5. Meanwhile a comprehensive post-assessment report of all user data is stored in the system, making program accountability a reality for all users in the system.

6. Upon successful completion, a Conover Credential™ in Job Readiness, Job Seeking, and/or Job Keeping is printed. Instructors have the option to reassign skill intervention units to obtain a better score.

Skill Enhancement Components

Give your program participants a leg up in preparing for, seeking and securing the career of their choice. The Workplace Readiness program currently has three components: Job Readiness Series, Job Seeking Series, and Job Keeping Series. Each program takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete.  All of the skill enhancements are self-directed. Our instructor-led version can be used for more intense intervention.

Job Readiness Series

Job Readiness Series is an eight-part series on workplace readiness. This credentialing system covers critical soft skills employers are looking for when assessing potential job candidates.

Attitude – is where it all begins. This program addresses: The Importance of Having a Positive Attitude, Keeping Your Focus, Doing Your Best, Responding to Guidance or Direction, Controlling Your Emotions, Being Flexible

Communication – is something we often take for granted. This program covers: Listening Skills, Verbal Communication, Non-Verbal Communication, Emotional Awareness, Written Communication, Communicating in Difficult Situations

Planning & Organizing – leads to success if given the proper amount of time and effort. This program covers: Prioritizing, Time Management, Coordinating Resources, Delegating, Creating Systems, Being Proactive by Planning Ahead

Critical Thinking – is an essential skill that all employers agree is critical for success in any workplace. This program covers: Gathering Information, Analyzing Information, Applying Information, Forming a Hypothesis, Problem Solving, Decision Making

Interpersonal/Social Skills – teaches users how to interact with other people and present themselves in an acceptable manner by covering the following topics: Interpersonal Skills, Controlling Your Emotions, Socializing at Work, Networking, Responding to Conflict, Helping Customers

Teamwork – is not just about sports, it is about succeeding in the workplace. Topics include: Respecting Others, Active Listening, Being Reliable, Participating, Communicating Constructively, Solving Problems

Professionalism – teaches employees the high standards of professionalism and how to live up to those standards. Includes: Following Workplace Rules and Expectations, Personal Responsibility, Workplace Ethics, Physical Appearance, Appropriate Language, Minding Your Manners

Media Rules – teaches the new, seldom-taught guidelines on how to properly and safely use technology. The rules covered include: Cell Phone Rules, Email Rules, Laptop and Tablet Rules, Internet Use, Internet Safety, Video Conferencing Rules, Social Media

Job Seeking Series

Job Seeking Series is a six-part series on job seeking. This credentialing system includes key job seeking skills needed to find, apply, interview and accept a job.

Job Search – is about finding a job. The program covers: Know What Type of Job You Want, Know What Type of Job You Are Qualified To Do, How To Begin Looking, Networking, Job Ads and Websites, Social Media

Resumes – teaches about resumes that get the job. The program includes: Resume Overview, Resume Format, Professionalism, Resume Content, Submitting a Resume

Job Application – covers the basics for applying for a job. Includes: Getting an Application, Filling Out the Application, Personal Strengths, References

Preparing for an Interview – covers the basics on how to prepare for an interview. Includes: Getting an Interview, Learning About the Organization, Learning About the Job, Prepare to Answer Questions, Practice Answering Questions, Prepare to Ask Questions

Interviewing – teaches the basics of how to properly conduct yourself in an interview. Covers: Physical appearance, What to Bring to the Interview, Interviewing Etiquette, Answer Questions, Ask Questions, Wrapping Up the Interview

After the Interview – teaches the proper post-interview things to do. Covers: Following Up, Accepting a position, Quitting a Job, Facing Rejection

Job Keeping Series

Job Keeping Series is a three part series on job keeping. This credentialing system includes practical tips on how to effectively relate to customers, supervisors and co-workers.

Getting off on the Right Foot – covers the basics of job keeping. Includes: Meet Your Manager, Take Responsibility, Follow Company Rules and Policies, Stay Positive, Listen and Follow Instructions, Start Fresh

Getting Along in the Workplace – covers basic interpersonal skills: Building a Relationship With Your Supervisor, Getting Along with Your Peers, Talking to Customers, Practice Good Social Skills, Balancing Work and Personal Life, Handling Conflict

Performance Reviews – teaches how to handle performance reviews. Includes: Exceed Expectations, Handling Criticism, Responding to Compliments, Using Feedback to Improve Performance, Evaluating Your Performance, Making Continuous Improvements

We have helped over 13,000 organizations to help millions of people maximize their personal and professional success with our easy-to-use online assessment and skill building tools in Conover Online.

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