Financial Literacy
with a focus on Soft Skills

Our Financial Success System uniquely blends essential soft skills with traditional financial knowledge, offering a comprehensive approach to understanding and managing money to achieve lasting success.

When it comes to managing money, which side of the brain do your participants use?

Historically, financial literacy programs have focused their attention on hard skills such as paychecks, budgeting and banking at the expense of soft skills like self-efficacy, self-control and self-management.


Research shows that only 15% – 20% of financial planning success is determined by what is known or hard skills.



The other 80% – 85% of success is determined by soft skills
or emotional intelligence


The Financial Success System integrates financial
soft skills with financial hard skills and consists of two series:

Financial Soft Skills Series

Financial Soft Skills Series is a twelve-part series on the soft skills, or emotional intelligence skills, related to successful financial goal setting.

Financial Hard Skills Series

An eight-part program, combining financial soft skills with financial hard skills. Knowledge gained in the Soft Skills series will be applied in this program.

Here’s how the Financial Success System works:

The process is the same for both Hard Skills and Soft Skills Series

1. Assess

Pre-assessment results are electronically scored and all results are presented and explained to the user. Users gain an understanding of where they are and where they need to go.

2. Build

Based on the pre-assessment results the system automatically assigns relevant, self-directed instruction with interactive and engaging video content. Results are automatically saved.

3. Measure Growth

Post-assessment results are then presented and explained to the user. All data from pre-assessment, skill building and post-assessments are collected and saved by our learning management system, documenting growth and providing program accountability.

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Users can earn a separate Conover Credential™ upon successful completion of both the Soft Skills and Hard Skills Series.


The Financial Success System is recognized by the National Soft Skills Association as a program of excellence.

“We are crazy about the Conover platform. The curricula is amazing. We’ve been using a number of years…The participants all stated how much they liked it and learned a lot.”

– Jenny B.

Financial Success System is part of Conover Online


Our system stands out by integrating essential soft skills with traditional financial knowledge. This blend ensures a comprehensive understanding of both the emotional and practical aspects of money management, providing a more holistic approach to financial literacy.

The Financial Success System is designed for anyone seeking to improve their financial literacy and personal finance skills. Our program is adaptable to a wide range of learners.

COMING SOON! – The Financial Success System will include an Adapted Edition for learners with unique learning challenges.

The program is divided into two main parts. The first focuses on financial soft skills like emotional intelligence and goal-setting, while the second part covers hard financial skills, including practical aspects of money management. This structure ensures a well-rounded educational experience.

Yes, participants who complete the program will receive the Conover Credential™, a recognized document that demonstrates proficiency in both financial literacy and essential soft skills.

The duration of the program can vary depending on the learner’s pace. However, it is designed to be flexible, allowing participants to progress through the modules at their own pace and convenience, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience without the pressure of strict timelines.

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