Pre-Employment Transition Services

Programs for Lower Functioning Special Education Students delivered through the cloud-based assessment and curriculum tool Conover Online™

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Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

Vocational rehabilitation agencies are now required to extend their transition services to all secondary special education students. The requirement for vocational rehabilitation agencies to get involved in a special education student’s transition planning process is a daunting task to say the least.

How can this be accomplished with no additional funds for staff or materials?

Conover Online™ | Your Pre-ETS Toolkit

It is time to think “outside the box” on how to deliver and track such services. New program delivery systems that increase efficiency while lowering costs are needed in order for this to work. Here is where Conover Online comes into play. Our cloud-based delivery system requires no installs, runs on any computer or mobile device, can track user data by single user, group or state wide, 24/7, and is specifically designed for mild, moderate and even significant disabilities who are more difficult and costly to serve. With Conover Online it is now possible to do the impossible.

Types of Pre-Employment Transition Services within Conover Online™

  • Job Exploration Counseling

  • Work-Based Learning Experiences

  • Counseling on Opportunities for Transition or Postsecondary Educational Programs

  • Workplace Readiness and Life Skills Training

  • Self-Advocacy Training

Pre-ETS Brochure

Discover how Opportunities Development Inc. in Wisconsin Rapids uses Conover Online with their P.A.C.E. program.

We want to help you find the best Pre-ETS solution for your clients.

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