Conover’s Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Process

A quick internet search on the definition of PBIS results in two common threads—reducing problematic behaviors and increasing academic success, with an emphasis on evidence-based research. But, ever since PBIS was first introduced in 1997 in the re-authorization of IDEA as a research-based framework for supporting children with behavioral disorders, [...]

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Bullying Prevention – You Can’t Discipline Your Way Out of the Problem

Recently the U.S. Department of Education sent guidance from the director of the Office of Special Education Programs, Ruth Ryder, to all public schools stating that schools are required to provide positive behavioral supports to students with disabilities. One major reason these supports are needed is because these students are [...]

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Core Abilities and Competencies of Conover’s Social Emotional Learning Programs

The core abilities for our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) or what we prefer to call Emotional Intelligence (EQ) programs starts with an understanding of the following core abilities related to personal success and is the foundation of all learning. One builds upon the other. Personal Skills Map® The Personal Skills [...]

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Time Management & PBIS

Why is Time Management a Big Deal? Simply defined, time management is making sure that your actions help you to finish things you have to do. Improving productivity has become a big priority in today's world. This is true for today’s students, as well as educators and those in the [...]

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Social Emotional Learning Standards

For over forty years, the Conover Social Emotional Learning (SEL) standards have been researched and developed. With over nine million administrations, we can now confidently say these standards have been accepted by practitioners around the world. SEL standards are driven by purpose, not grade level It is our belief that [...]

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