Teaching Assertion: Becoming Assertive

It’s easy to make goals. Actually achieving these goals is the hard part. To help your students achieve their goal of becoming more assertive, teach them the following five tips: Improving self-esteem Persistence Standing up for yourself Setting positive expectations Practicing self-talk Let’s take a closer look at what it [...]

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Teaching Assertion: Communication Styles

There are many ways to communicate with other people. It’s important to teach your students the three main ways that people use to communicate: aggression, deference and assertion. While assertive people can communicate or send messages openly and clearly, people with aggressive or deferring communication styles cannot. Aggression (anger) and [...]

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Performance Reviews: Handling Criticism

Handling criticism can be a challenge for many people. When you receive criticism, whether from a peer or supervisor, make sure to listen and avoid getting defensive. If you don’t agree with or understand with the criticism, ask questions for clarification. Always say thank you and take time to think [...]