Interpersonal Assertion: Steps to Success

You already know how important assertion is in bullying prevention. But, sometimes taking that first step is the hardest part when you’re trying to do something important like become more assertive. It’s overwhelming to think about and remember everything you must do in order to have success becoming assertive. You [...]

Interpersonal Assertion: Personal Inventory

Identify your communication style through this personal inventory in order to start communicating assertively. Now you can see the importance of being assertive as well as avoiding aggression and deference. A main reason for this is that the assertive communication style is key in bullying prevention. Now take a minute [...]

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Interpersonal Assertion: Communication Styles

Assertion is a way of communicating with other people. But, as you can probably guess, it’s not the only way to communicate. While assertive people can communicate or send messages openly and clearly, people with aggressive or deferring communication styles cannot. Aggression (anger) and deference (fear) are negative communication styles [...]