Why SEL? And Why Now?

I speak with educators every day, and the overwhelming message is clear—COVID-19 has changed everything. Students are experiencing a health crisis of unprecedented proportions, with an increase in anxiety, depression, PTSD, and even eating disorders. Educators often feel ill-equipped to address this crisis within standard general education classrooms. Something [...]

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SEL and Mental Health

The Problem The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened long-standing mental health challenges for students and staff alike, while highlighting the inequity in resources to deal with those problems. From 2019 - 87% increase in students seeking mental health services Nearly half of the schools surveyed do [...]

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Soft Skills Are Essential for Successful Distance Learning, Especially for Vulnerable Students

For over 40 years Conover has developed research-based SEL/soft skills assessments and skill building systems.  We often have success stories from program administrators who run transition and work experience programs.  These individuals are on the front lines helping their participants succeed in life and the workplace. These administrators understand [...]

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Study: Boosting Soft Skills Is Better Than Raising Test Scores

A recent study was just released by Northwestern University’s Kirabo Jackson on the effect of soft skills vs test scores. This study demonstrates that schools that build social-emotional qualities are getting better short-term and long-term results for students than schools that only focus on improving test scores. https://hechingerreport.org/early-research-focuses-on-schools-that-develop-students-social-emotional-qualities/ This study [...]

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The Connection Between Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Goal Setting and Soft Skills

There has been much attention placed on social emotional learning (SEL) in the last few years. SEL is critical to the success of every person in our society. No doubt about it, improving SEL skills will result in more emotionally connected youth and adults. But is that enough to instill [...]

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