Conover Online™ for SEL

Research-based approach for assessing and teaching the social & emotional skills needed in all areas of person or at a distance.

Conover Online™

Research-based approach for assessing and teaching the social & emotional skills needed in all areas of person or at a distance.

Social/Emotional Skills are the Foundation of Personal and Professional Success

Unlike other types of learning, SEL does not follow a linear development process; instead, these skills become more important as the need presents itself. If you want to be successful in developing social/emotional learning skills in the lives of the individuals you work with, you need a different strategy. Instead of trying to address the symptoms (like bullying or bad grades), you need to address the root of the problem and teach these skills before the need arises.

COVID-19 has made these even more difficult, but the goal hasn’t changed: to put your program participants in the best position to succeed despite not being able to be in the same location to deliver this critical SEL training. Fortunately, this is possible using an asynchronous distance learning solution like Conover Online.

Quick Facts and Features

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Self-paced, User Directed Learning

1,000+ short video clips

No Reading Required (full audio)

Comprehensive Reports

Designed in HTML5

Live Support & Training

No Installation/Setup Required

Pay Only For What You Use

Credits are how you deliver content in Conover Online. They allow you to create customized learning plans based on the user’s specific needs.

Think of Conover Online as a giant software vending machine. Conover Online Credits are the currency that buys you the candy bar. You can buy anything in the machine, but you don’t pay just to have access to it – you only pay for what you actually “consume” – meaning you never overpay.


Built-in Accountability

All assessments and curriculum are electronically integrated into Conover Online™. This allows for a seamless program integration from interest testing to the assigning, delivery, benchmarking, tracking, and creating a Summary of Performance. This eliminates the expensive and time-consuming activities of scoring and reporting results, and frees up the program administrator to help where needed. Program accountability is electronically built into the system. Because Conover Online™ is a cloud-based program, accountability for all users at all sites is a simple reality.

Conover Online™ gives you usage and performance analytics, real-time data tracking, and program management tools to improve productivity and comply with federal and state reporting requirements anytime, anywhere!

Cloud Based Convenience

Conover Online™ provides immediate access because there is no installation required. Once an assignment is made, the user can access it until it is fully completed. Each user’s progress is saved when exiting the unit, so when logged in again, the program picks up right where the user left off, even if it is on a different computer or device.

Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) Tools

These are just a few of our programs focused on improving social & emotional intelligence.

Workplace Readiness

A research-based soft skills assessment and training system to better prepare individuals for the workplace.

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The Success Profiler

Research-based, assessment and skill-building system designed for social & emotional intelligence.

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Personal Responsibility

Research-based, assessment and skill-building system designed for goal setting and goal achievement.

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Anger Management

Research-based, assessment and skill building system that teaches a positive alternative to anger by developing a healthy personality.

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Bullying Prevention

Research-based, assessment and skill building system that teaches how to develop an emotionally competent personality.

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Anxiety Management

Research-based, assessment and skill building system for managing anxiety through learning self-control, managing stress and improving physical wellness.

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Course Map

You can review and download our course map which breaks down each social and emotional learning program and their competencies

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Why Conover Online Works

1. Conover Online quickly and accurately assesses the needs of the individuals you work with.

2. The management systems analyzes the data and identifies the areas of need for each person in your program.

3. Each individual receives a custom success plan tailored to his or her specific needs, which Conover Online automatically delivers.

4. Your program participants get the skills they need to be successful and you look like a genius.

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Utilize our unique credentialing system to recognize your participants success in our programs.

Recognized by the National Soft Skills Association as a program of excellence.

Life won’t always be this way. But one thing we’ve learned from all this is that we need to be ready for anything. Why let things continue to be harder than they have to be? Why not adopt a flexible model that can help you do what you need to do without burning out your staff or students?

If you want to go from stressed out and overwhelmed to calm, confident, and in control, we’re here to help! Whether you’re back in the building or online for the foreseeable future, Conover Online can help you put your students in the best possible position to reach their full potential.

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