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Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is a process for learning essential soft skills that enable someone to interact with oneself and others in order to achieve personal and professional success. SEL helps every one of us to first recognize our emotions and then manage them effectively. This is not a new concept, but it is often overlooked. In fact, in our experience over the past 30 years it has had many names. In the corporate world, it is called Emotional Intelligence. In education, it is called Social and Emotional Learning. Other terms include employability skills, work ready skills, workplace readiness, or soft skills. Regardless of the name, these skills are critical to your success.

Social/Emotional skills are primary factors of motivation and the gateway to lifelong learning and high levels of achievement. We all know individuals with high IQs who have not met with success, while others with modest IQs have succeeded far beyond anyone’s expectations. Why? Because they possess these key social/emotional skills.

Where do I begin?

The very first thing you need to do is identify an effective process. Our process follows a simple three step process.

  1. Assess the individual’s Social/emotional competencies
  2. Assign intervention based on their individual results in areas of greatest need
  3. Post-assess to document skill acquisition

Type of Assessment

You should always look for two words: evidence-based. Our evidence-based assessments focus on how individuals really act or feel in a specific situation versus asking how they think they respond. This process ensures accuracy and meaningful results for both the individual and the person working with the individual.

Using the Results

The reality is that the assessment is usually a means to an end. You give an assessment, get the results, and then wonder what to do. It’s so overwhelming that they are often put in a folder never to be thought of again. With Conover Company’s SEL system, the results are interpreted, skill-interventions are automatically assigned and post-assessments are given. This allows you to focus on the results versus trying to get them.


I Don’t Have Time

Everyone has 24 hours in a day. We also know that organizations that we work with have certain things they have to do. Using technology-based tools frees you up to focus on other things by automating the delivery of the assessments and eliminating the time-consuming manual task of scoring and interpreting the results. Conover Online is fully automated – everything is graphed, scored and documented in our online management system, so you can just log in and get your results whenever you need them. The system is built using the latest hardware standards so that if can be used on any device with an internet connection. Imagine assigning an individual a social/emotional assessment in your office from your computer. A user can then log in on their smartphone or tablet and complete it whenever it’s convenient for them, and the system automatically collects and interprets the data appropriately. When you log in on your iPad at home you see the results you are looking for, and then you can send them to anyone electronically. The process that used to take hours or days has now been done for you on your way home from the office!

Social & Emotional Standards

It is our belief that social & emotional and soft skills standards cannot be broken down into grade levels the same way academic standards are. Social & emotional and soft skills do not follow a simple developmental process; instead, these skills become more important as the observed need arises.

Download SEL Standards

Download our Research

At the core of our SEL programs is an evidence-based assessment called the Personal Skills Map. With 143 research papers, books and masters/doctoral dissertations, a norm base of 35,000+ participants and over 9 million administrations, nothing else comes close in terms of credibility and validity.


More Information

Want to know more about our SEL programs? Our PDF brochure has information on how our credits-based pricing system works, an explanation of our pre and post-assessment process and a detailed breakdown of all the different components that make up our SEL programs.

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