Conover Online is a research-based
SEL assessment and skill building system

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SEL Assessment + Skill Building + Growth Measurement

Conover Online is a comprehensive suite of video-based and distance learning ready programs to give students the critical social-emotional and mental health tools they need to thrive.

How Conover Online Works:
Our proven process for student success

1. Assess:

Best-in-class and researched-based assessments start your student’s journey by assessing your student’s current abilities and needs

2. Teach:

Based on students’ areas of need, each student receives relevant online instruction through interactive and engaging video content that teaches critical social and emotional skills.

3. Measure Growth:

After students have completed the skill building exercises students are re-assessed to compare and show growth from where they started on their social-emotional learning journey.

Designed for today’s world

Conover Online is the industry leading SEL assessment and curriculum system with over 40 years of research and experience.

Web-Based: Perfect for in-person, hybrid, or distance learning – Turnkey system with virtual course access

Help with Learning Loss: Our evidence-based social and emotional learning programs are proven to increase GPAs and retention for your students

Track Student Performance and Engagement: Perfect for distance learning environments

Comprehensive: Our programs are the most comprehensive on the market, covering hundreds of topics with multiple ability levels for students of all cognitive abilities

Great for After School and Summer Enrichment

Regular and Special Education Options: We have content tailored to students at different levels

Ready for Anything

Conover Online is the only SEL curriculum design to be used fully online so there is no need to change how you instruct, whether you are in the classroom, teaching at a distance, or using a hybrid approach, you can use the exact same system without missing a beat.

Outcomes: Proven Success

With over 9,000,000 administrations in over 13,0000 organizations, we’ve helped learners achieve better outcomes in all areas of life through social-emotional learning.


Users average a full grade point average higher


Over 30% higher student retention rates

Our Social and Emotional Learning programs are proven to address learning loss by increasing GPAs and retention for your students.

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