About Stefan Jacobson

Stefan is a senior developer at The Conover Company. He has experience researching and writing online courses for assessing and teaching Social-Emotional Intelligence and Soft Skills. He and his wife currently live in Oregon.

Teaching Interpersonal Awareness: Communication

A core skill for improving interpersonal awareness is communication skills. Communication skills form the basis for obtaining accurate information about others. They serve as a window into another person’s world. Communication includes speaking, listening, reading, and writing. It also involves both verbal and nonverbal messages. Communication is the cornerstone of [...]

Teaching Drive Strength: Tools for Goal Setting

You must teach your students that achieving goals requires successful planning. Knowing your goals and priorities is important, but knowing the steps between setting your goal and reaching it is absolutely essential. Experts have developed many tools for goal achievement. This section outlines several planning tools for successful goal achievement. [...]

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Media Rules: Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a way of using the Internet to communicate with other people. Video conferencing allows two or more people, in different locations, to have a live, face-to-face conversation. Most laptops or tablet computers have cameras and microphones that allow you to use video conferencing technology. This enables people [...]

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