About Stefan Jacobson

Stefan is a senior developer at The Conover Company. He has experience researching and writing online courses for assessing and teaching Social-Emotional Intelligence and Soft Skills. He and his wife currently live in Oregon.

Anxiety Management & Physical Wellness: Exercise

To begin your physical wellness journey and to live a healthy lifestyle, you must develop healthy habits. One of these healthy habits is exercising. Exercising regularly will help you feel better about yourself. Exercise looks different for everyone. You may choose to go for a walk everyday, or visit the gym [...]

Anxiety Management & Physical Wellness: Self-Responsibility

Physical wellness is an important part of managing your anxiety. In order to have the skills of physical wellness, you need self-responsibility. Responsibility is the quality or state of being responsible or accountable for one's actions. Put the word "self" in front of it, and it takes on the meaning [...]

Anxiety Management: Self-Control

Self-control plays a big role in learning to manage stress and anxiety. Self-control is the ability to handle personal feelings and emotions in difficult situations. Learning to manage anxiety requires you to learn self-control. Without self-control, it is impossible to manage your stress and anxiety. In this post, you will [...]


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