I have been reading many articles recently about the Funding-Cliff and how it is going to affect education in the future. I also remember reading articles two years ago, advising us to be prepared for the Funding-Cliff. Education is in an interesting spot. The catch 22 is that there is a continued push for school districts to meet high performance standards, but with less financial assistance. It seems impossible for school districts to maintain the same high level of performance that people have come to expect while local and federal budgets are being slashed.

The IDEA Transition Law is not going away anytime soon. In fact, it seems as though compliance with IDEA is getting harder and harder to maintain. Thankfully there are programs available to help maintain compliance while effectively making a difference in the lives of students.

MECA Transition System

The Microcomputer Evaluation of Careers and Academics, or MECA Transition System was developed in order to help students create post-secondary goals and a plan to reach those goals. The MECA Transition System is equipped with an Interest Indicator, Work Samples, Learning Assessment Programs, and Career Planner that can be customized to fit any budget. The best part – It is the definition of sustainability because there are no annual fees.

The Conover Company wants to help you change the status quo by eliminating the time consuming task of administering, scoring, and assigning assessments and follow up activities. The MECA Transition System automatically generates assessment results so you don’t have to. We want you to be able to focus on the results and their implications rather than waste time trying to generate reports manually.

Showing Progress

Our MECA Management System allows you to generate a summary of performance and monitor progress which is critical to the IEP process. One of the most common issues that we hear from
schools has to do with the actual implementation of the assessment results. The MECA Management System eliminates the paper trail, so that instead of putting the student’s data in a file cabinet to collect dust, you can maintain and store results electronically. With two or three clicks of the mouse you can print out a student’s Career Portfolio and have the necessary discussions with the required personnel.