The MECA System

Product Description

The MECA System is an age-appropriate transition, career exploration, career assessment and vocational assessment system related to training, education and employment. MECA is also a popular maker education system connecting hands-on projects to applied academics.

The MECA System is comprised of four unique parts, tied together by a comprehensive management system:

  • Interest Indicator
  • Work Samples
  • Learning Assessment Programs
  • Career Planners

The management system allows for a seamless program integration from interest testing to the assigning, delivery, benchmarking, tracking, and creating a transition IEP and a Summary of Performance. This eliminates the expensive and time-consuming activities of scoring and reporting results, and frees up the program administrator to help where needed.

Thanks to the Conover Company’s MECA programs, the teachers in our special education department are more comfortable writing transition plans. MECA has also helped our department tremendously in our last audit. We received a 100% rating on transition plans and there were no compliance findings in our report.

Joe Ann Denning - Superintendent, Peach County School District

MECA Components

Interest Indicator

The Interest Indicator is the launching point of the MECA System. It identifies possible career areas from 16 career clusters based on user feedback on their likes and dislikes of general, everyday activities. The MECA System will interpret the results of this assessment automatically and deliver appropriate follow-up instruction and assessment in these career areas.

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Work Samples

Work Samples are hands-on project simulations of actual workplace activities. They allow the user to be exposed to many different potential career areas and can be utilized for career exploration and assessment based on what the user can and cannot do. Data is tracked automatically by the management system and scored according to research-based time and quality standards built into the system.

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Learning Assessment Programs (LAPs) are career-specific academic assessments. They help make the connection between the classroom to the real world and assess the skills necessary for success in that particular area. All results are tracked electronically and assessed competencies are aligned with common core standards as well as all 50 U.S. State content standards to easily provide the course of study.

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Career Planner

The Career Planner is a career information system providing age-appropriate occupation information to users who need it most but whose access has been limited in the past due to physical and/or reading limitations. It provides the information needed for users to make educated decisions about their future and provides basic goal setting and life planning tools to achieve those goals.

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Built-In Accountability

By being cloud-based, our system removes the limitations of traditional software systems. Now you can access any part of our Conover Online system on any computer or mobile device, providing accountability and giving you access to our state-of-the-art usage and performance analytics, real-time data tracking and program management tools anytime, anywhere!


Credits are how you deliver content to your users. Credits never expire and can be used for anything in the Conover Online product catalog. Credits start at just $5.00 per credit with quantity discounts available.  Pay only for what you want to use.  Click here to learn more about credits.

Research-Based Effectiveness

Everything in our MECA System is evidence-based and built off of 20+ years of experience and tens of thousands of users, nothing else on the market comes close to Conover Online in terms of credibility and validity.


More Information

Our PDF brochure has information on our credits-based pricing and an explanation of the benefits of using a cloud-based system. It also lists many of the advantages with using mobile technology to deliver assessment & instruction and includes a detailed breakdown of all the different components that make up our MECA System.

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