Learn by doing. I challenge you to think of a more effective teaching strategy. You can try to tell a student how to do something a thousand times, but the chances of the lesson actually sinking in are far less favorable than if the student practices the lesson herself. That’s what makes video modeling such a successful teaching technique. Video modeling is a process that involves the presentation of a desired behavior using video technology. The learner observes a video demonstration of the desired behavior and then imitates or models that targeted behavior.

Response to Intervention

The Conover Company is proud to introduce a new series of assessments that incorporates video modeling into our responsiveness to intervention training. With the growing presence of technology in the classroom, The Conover Company is always striving to answer the question:

“What is the best instructional technology to use with an individual learner?”

We focused all of our attention on this question while developing our new Response to Intervention Series. Our Level 6 Assessment, the first in the series, is focused on serving youth and adults with significant disabilities, the segment of the population that is traditionally considered to be the most difficult to serve.

Settling the Score

The scoring for the Response to Intervention Series is broken down into five major areas:

  1. Verbal – Verbal is a measure of receptive language skills in relation to simple verbal instructions regarding training-relevant tasks.
  2. Model – Two scores in one: (1) a measure of imitation skills using physical modeling on tasks such as those included in this assessment and (2) a measure of examinee imitation skills using video modeling on tasks included in this assessment.
  3. Prompts – Two scores in one: (1) a measure of the extent to which prompting is required by examinees and (2) a measure of examinee skill of learning from physical guidance.
  4. Learning – Two scores in one: (1) a measure of overall familiarity with RTI Series-type materials and instruction (prior learning) and (2) an overall measure of examinee skill of learning from verbal, modeled and prompted instructions during testing.
  5. Total Score – This score provides an indication of the general level of instruction or training that will be required to learn relevant tasks.

Video Modeling to Mobile Technology

The video modeling score is a key part to this assessment. If an individual can respond to video prompting, a whole new cost-effective method of instruction and assistance can be utilized. If the score for video modeling indicates that an individual can learn from this approach, it opens them up to the world of mobile technology using iPods and iPads.

We have 88 apps in the iTunes Store that are built around the concept of video modeling. For a free sample, go to iTunes App Store and type Conover Company in the search bar and you will find our apps.

The Conover Company is changing the way you teach.