Technology is great! It allows us to do things more easily and faster than ever before. For businesses, that means employees can do their jobs more easily, which saves time and money. On the other hand, with this new technology comes new guidelines, or media rules, on how to use it properly in the workplace. Without some guidelines in place, any advantage that could be gained will be lost when employees use technology inappropriately.

media rules

Media is any means of sharing information with many people at once. New technology has led to the growth of many new forms of media, with the Internet being the newest. From cell phones to laptops to tablet computers, there are countless devices, or tools, that allow us to use media.

While you may not think about the way you use media in your free time, when you’re in the workplace it’s important to make sure that you follow your company’s rules. There are also unwritten rules when it comes to media use that tell you how to use media in a polite, respectful way. The Media Rules program will teach you how to use media in the workplace by covering the following topics:

  1. Cell Phone Rules

  2. Email Rules

  3. Laptop and Tablet Rules

  4. Internet Use

  5. Internet Safety

  6. Video Conferencing Rules

  7. Social Media Use

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