Imagine that you are in the middle of teaching one of your best lesson plans ever. Your classroom is buzzing with excitement for learning. The students are participating and engaged. You breathe a sigh of relief because you finally believe that what you have been repeating over and over is finally “clicking” in your students’ minds.

Then you look at the clock.

You’re ten seconds away from the bell. As you yell, “Time to pack up!”,  you think of the other important things you had planned for the day that will have to wait. Time seems to have got away from you. And, although the lesson you taught was a success, you now have to rearrange your schedule for the next few days.

Has this ever happened to you? You’re not alone. When students become engaged–really engaged–it can be easy to lose track of time. But you certainly can’t afford that to happen every day or every week. So, what can you do to to keep better track of time? After all, you also have IEP meetings to attend, papers to grade, lessons to plan and after school activities to chaperone…

Queue our virtual training academy, ConoverU. Here, you will learn about time management in order to organize and use your time to meet your classroom and career goals. You’ll also learn about emotional intelligence (EQ), how you can improve your own EQ, and how to apply it so that it impacts you, your students and your classroom.

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