We spend a lot of time talking about the benefits of our programs for the autism community. Our Functional Skills System and related apps are perfect for helping non-verbal individuals with developmental disabilities communicate. However, there’s no reason these same programs can’t help other non-verbal individuals communicate as well. As we expand our product offerings, people are realizing that our programs are actually perfect for helping people who have been diagnosed with Aphasia learn to communicate again.

Starting Over

People who have suffered a stroke or severe head injury often experience damage to the brain that impairs their ability to speak and understand spoken language, a disease known as Aphasia. If treatment is sought, speech can typically be restored within two years. However, the extent and speed of recovery depend upon the severity of the brain damage and which part of the brain was affected. For optimal recovery, experts suggest starting treatment within a week following the stroke or head trauma. The low cost of our Functional Communication System app means you can afford to start the road to recovery immediately, without having to wait for insurance and Medicare to cover the cost of the device.  Want to try it out first? There’s even a free Lite version.

Although most Aphasia patients aren’t completely non-verbal, they must re-learn to speak and understand language because they have trouble coming up with the right words to say, mix up the order of words, or make up words. Being unable to communicate is frustrating enough as it is, but having the ability to speak and losing it is even more troubling. Finding a speech therapy program that works can help to mitigate the frustration and make for a smoother recovery.

Practice, Practice, Practice

There are a myriad of communication programs and apps out there and more are being developed as we speak. However, The Conover Company has been working to create a complete package to not only help people communicate, but to restore their standard of living and enjoy a life of independence once again.

One of the most effective ways for Aphasia patients to restore communication is to role play different situations and to learn words associated with those situations. Our Functional Skills System offers users the chance to learn the vocabulary associated with different social settings and put that vocabulary into practice. Users can role play situations that could happen at work, shopping, in a restaurant, and different situations in the community or the home. The Functional Skills System features relevant vocabulary for any situation and is organized in a way that is easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. The Internet version of the Functional Skills System even runs on an iPad for accessibility anywhere.

The Functional Communication System is the perfect application for helping people with Aphasia put together sentences when they can’t think of the right word or if their words just aren’t making sense. The Functional Communication System app is a video-based, customizable communication tool that uses images and videos from our Functional Skills System library instead of symbols. The app comes loaded with 500 core vocabulary words, but can be customized with pictures and videos of your own, taken right from the iPad or iPod.

Becoming Independent Once Again

Aphasia patients will eventually have to put their practice to the test. The mobility and versatility of our applications will grant them the courage and support they need to navigate tasks on their own as they progress in their treatment. For example, our Functional Shopping List application guides users through the shopping experience with relevant shopping-related vocabulary words and prompts users through the process if necessary. Aphasia patients can bring the Functional Communication System app with them anywhere to assist them in conversations when they need it.

Losing the ability to communicate is a major blow to your independence. People suffering from Aphasia don’t have to struggle to communicate with the help of the Functional Skills System and Functional Communication System app.