Choosing Apps

How do you choose a product when you go into a grocery or retail store? When you’re faced with aisle after aisle of groceries, cleaning products and clothing, finding the best fit can be a tiresome trial and error process. Now try finding the right app in the iTunes App store with over 500,000 to choose from. Ready? Go!

The difference between purchasing an item from a store and a mobile app is that even though the item may not be the best fit or best quality, it still fulfills its purpose. Cleaning products still help you clean your house, food fills your stomach, and you can always find a use for the clothes. However, buying mobile apps is a different story. You could invest as little as your time to download a free app, or you could spend $899.00 on an app that controls a video camera. You never really know what you’re getting when you download an app, which can make the selection process very stressful. ‘Is it worth it?’ is the question that always comes to mind before you buy.

Conover Online

The Conover Company has been in the publishing business for over 30 years. We have always adapted and made changes to our program to fit the newest and best technology. This has definitely been a challenge in the last several months because things are changing faster than ever. That being said, we have stood up to that challenge and reprogrammed our software so that it’s available in The Cloud. Our software is programed in HTML5 so that our complete system can be run on a computer and mobile operating system. Now, instead of being tied to a specific network or computer, you can access our assessment and curriculum anywhere there is an Internet connection. More importantly, this technology has made our programs affordable for any sized budget, from school districts to independent households. We want to eliminate the common barriers so that every child has an opportunity to reach their potential.

Tying it all Together with our Apps

The Conover Company has over 90 apps available for download in the iTunes store, many of which are designed for reinforcement. The two that are trending right now are the Functional Communication System and the Functional Planning System. Our next generation apps are going to be linked to our management system so that data will be automatically documented and tracked for each individual. Parents and administrators will no longer have to gauge if an app was worth the investment because user data will tie directly into our management system. You’ll be able to track each user’s progress with the click of a mouse. Having an integrated system instead of guessing if “there’s an app for that” is going to be crucial moving forward. Parent involvement is essential for a child’s success and this level of technology is the best way to do just that.

I want to know how schools are using this technology and how parents are reacting toward it. I also want to know if schools are making an effort in having these discussions with parents. Feel free to leave comments and thoughts below.