Planning Ahead

  Effectively planning ahead can not only keep an individual on track, but ensure the entire team is on track to complete team goals.  Planning ahead takes organization and strategy by the individual. In this video, a manager needs help from one of his employees to cover part [...]

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Teamwork in the Workplace

  Teamwork is crucial to workplace success! Great teamwork means strong communication, collaboration, and transparency. It can be challenging to remain honest, especially if you’ve made a mistake; however, honesty and trust go a long way for teamwork in the workplace. In this video, a manager isn’t sure [...]

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Communication During Meetings

  Meetings provide teams with a chance to exchange ideas, share information, and learn new tools to be successful in the workplace. If a team communications effectively during meetings they will have higher productivity and successful projects. Poor communication during meetings can lead to wasting company’s resources and [...]

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How Critical Thinking Will Boost Your Problem Solving and Save Your Big Toe

One of the most important skills in developing successful personal and professional relationships is critical thinking. Critical thinking is a high level skill that allows somebody to process information (especially external information) in order to make a decision, come to a conclusion, or solve a problem. Because critical thinking requires [...]

By |2017-04-30T16:18:23-05:00January 19th, 2016|Corporate, Education, Soft Skills|5 Comments
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