Soft Skills

For over 40 years Conover has developed research-based SEL/soft skills assessments and skill building systems.  We often have success stories from program administrators who run transition and work experience programs.  These individuals are on the front lines helping their participants succeed in life and the workplace.

These administrators understand that 85% of workplace success is based upon the ability to learn and use soft skills in life and the workplace. 

It is important to note that this is nothing new.  100 years ago, researcher Charles Rigbourg Mann published his work entitled “A Study of Engineering Education” , 1918. This work stated:

(For more information see National Soft Skills Association (

For 100 years this important research has been ignored by the education community.  Suddenly, due to the pandemic and use of remote learning, the awareness of soft skills such as self-management, teamwork and communication has caused them to be recognized as essential skills for success in school as well as the workplace.

Fast Forward 100 Years

A recent article in Education Week, “The Covid -19 Economy is Putting Vulnerable Students Career Prospects at High Risk.” by Alison Klein, (March 2, 2021) brought up the fact it is the more vulnerable students, students from low income and special needs families, who suffer the most during this pandemic.  She states, “Through online learning educators are getting a glimpse of the virtual working skills that students are likely to need for the digital workplace of the future, including time management (self-management), collaboration (teamwork) and communication online.

It took 100 years for the education world to become aware of the fact that success starts with good emotional intelligence and soft skills.  These critical skills are the gateway to all learning and personal success for vulnerable as well as all other general education students.

We at the Conover Company have been developing research-based assessment and skills building systems for SEL/soft skills for vulnerable and general education youth and adults for over 40 years. Our emotional intelligence, goal setting and soft skills programs have finally found their proper place in the education and workplace readiness world.

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