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The importance of self-control in bullying prevention is undeniable. When people practice self-control they develop habits that prevent bullying from occurring in the first place. Increasing self-control also brings positive changes to those who practice it. In this post, we’ll discuss several benefits of increasing self-control. Talking about these benefits with your students may help them to realize why working on their self-control is a good idea.

Feeling in Control

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Self-control is what enables someone to take charge of their life. Self-control requires one to consider and carefully choose their behaviors rather than letting their emotions choose their behaviors for them. With Self-control, decisions are based on logic and reason, rather than on emotion or temptation. People make better decisions and feel that they have control over these decisions. In this way, self-control gives the feeling that a person is in control of their life.

Reduces Destructive Behavior

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Self-control is vital for overcoming obsessions, fears, addictions, and other self-defeating behaviors. Once self-control becomes a habit, it is easier to say no to destructive behaviors that hurt oneself and others. It becomes easier to make good decisions and resist peer pressure. Bullying is a destructive behavior that is more easily avoided when self-control is strongly developed.

Improved Self-Esteem

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Improving self-control also improves self-esteem. This is because self-control leads to improved goal achievement, which increases the positive feelings one feels about themselves. Goal achievement surrounding becoming a better person amplifies these positive feelings. This is a positive cycle that encourages individuals to keep making good choices while increasing their feelings of confidence and self-worth.

Improved Relationships

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When self-control is improved there is a corresponding improvement with interpersonal relationships. This is because self-control develops patience and tolerance. Increased patience leads to less frustration and anger, as well as an increased willingness to listen to the wants and needs of others. Itl also eliminates the need to be dependent on others, allowing both parties the freedom to pursue their own goals. This independence allows everyone involved to bring more to the relationship.

Reduced Desire to Control Others

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There are things in life that people can control and things they cannot control. When people have developed their self-control they realize this, and seek to control only what they can. People with high self-control recognize that they do not have control over others and can only control themselves. This frees them from the stress of trying to control things they cannot.