student lacking resiliency

Everyone, at one time or another, will fail at something. This failure could be something professional, like losing a sale or customer. Or it could be a personal failure, like failing to stand up for oneself. To some, this failure will be a crushing defeat. To others, this failure will be looked upon as a learning opportunity and a stepping stone to success. The difference between these two reactions is resiliency.

What is Resiliency


Resiliency is the ability to proactively work through processes and activities and cause bottom-line results to happen. Resiliency is the ability to recover from failure and try again. This relates to a person’s ability to adjust to current situations, adapt to change, and deal with disappointment. To a resilient person there is no such thing as impossible. There are only temporary obstacles on the road to success.

Bullying and Resiliency

teacher and student

In this series on the role of resiliency in bullying prevention, you will learn some of the key characteristics that all resilient people share. You will also learn why resilience is important, techniques for improving resiliency, and how to develop good habits for resiliency in your students. By the end of the series you should have a clear idea of what your students need to work on, and how you can help them to be more successful.

This is the beginning of a six-part series on Resiliency and Bullying Prevention. Stay tuned for future posts in this series! If you would like to see how our Bullying Prevention Map can assess your students’ levels of resiliency, click the free trial link below.