The pandemic has changed the way we view social-emotional learning (SEL), with educators recognizing its importance more than ever. SEL is a process used to help students develop the skills they need to manage their emotions, build relationships, make responsible decisions and solve problems. With increasing evidence showing how important these skills are for student success both inside and outside the classroom, it’s clear that SEL should be implemented in post-pandemic educational settings. In this post, we will take a closer look at what SEL is, some benefits of SEL and explain how we can help.

What is SEL?

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is a process by which students learn how to identify and recognize their own emotions as well as those of others. Through this process, students gain an understanding of how their behavior affects others and learn how to respond appropriately in various situations. Additionally, SEL promotes problem solving skills, decision making abilities, self-management strategies, relationship building skills, respect for diversity of thought and opinion, self-confidence/self-efficacy development and resilience building. In short, SEL gives students the tools they need to succeed in life beyond school.

The Benefits of SEL

As mentioned before, there are numerous benefits to implementing SEL into post-pandemic educational settings. Research shows that when students have access to social emotional learning resources they gain in their skill levels and show improved academic achievement overall. Furthermore, students with access to SEL resources have been shown to improve their social behaviors and improve their attitudes, which can lead to greater success after graduation. Click here to see the research.

We Can Help!

It’s clear that social emotional learning can provide immense benefits for both educators and students alike—especially during a time when so many people are feeling overwhelmed due to the pandemic’s effects on our daily lives. From improving academic performance to developing essential life skills, the value of social emotional learning cannot be overstated in a post pandemic world! Therefore it’s paramount that educators include resources such as mindfulness practices in their curriculums moving forward.

At Conover, we are passionate about helping students reach their full potential. Our online assessment and curriculum system is designed to assess and teach important life skills that students need for success. Click to schedule a demo and see how Conover Online can help your students today.