Take a minute to think of the worst teacher you’ve ever had. Maybe this teacher was rude, boring, or just couldn’t relate to the students who he or she was teaching. It may be unfortunate, but at one time or another, we have all endured lessons from educators like the one I’m describing.

For one reason or another, these teachers just didn’t click with us or our learning style. There is usually a piece missing from the puzzle with teachers like this. Often times, what such teachers lack are the leadership skills crucial for student success.

You can probably think of many teachers you’ve had who were great leaders. These teachers are people who were easily able to inspire and motivate their students. After all, if a teacher wants to see his or her students succeed, he or she needs to positively influence and impact the actions of the students.

So, you know that your own leadership skills are key for classroom success. But, what if you don’t consider yourself to be a leader? What if you weren’t born with natural leadership abilities? What can you do?

Queue our virtual training academy, ConoverU. At ConoverU, you will learn more about leadership and how you can develop this skill to positively reach and influence your students. You’ll also learn about your emotional intelligence (EQ), how you can improve your EQ, and how to apply it every day so that it impacts you, your students and your classroom.

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