Personal Responsibility Map® and At-Risk High School Students


The focus of this blog is on the use of our Personal Responsibility Map® and skill intervention system in helping at-risk students to identify and develop key emotional intelligence skills for success in school and life.

Personal Responsibility—Achieving Academic and Career Goals™ is a research-based assessment and skill intervention system related to goal setting and achievement. A core assessment in our Personal Responsibility program is the Personal Responsibility Map. The twelve scales in the map can be broken down as follows:

Goal Achievement Potential

  • Scale 1: Goal Setting
  • Scale 2: Self Efficacy
  • Scale 3: Values Congruence
  • Scale 4: Achievement Drive
  • Scale 5: Supportive Environment
  • Scale 6: Self-Esteem

Personal Responsibility for Goal Achievement

  • Scale 7: Self-Control
  • Scale 8: Self-Management
  • Scale 9: Problem Solving
  • Scale 10: Resiliency
  • Scale 11: Self Improvement
  • Scale 12: Personal Responsibility

The Personal Responsibility Map  is used to help identify goal achievement potential and links to our comprehensive skill intervention system.

Three Critical Skill Areas for At-Risk Youth

A dissertation by Marky Ellison Smith in 2004* investigated how at-risk high school students scored on our Personal Responsibility Map. The three scales that were consistently low for this student population were Goal Setting, Self-Control and Self-Management.

Personal Responsibility Map Results

No surprise here, for in order to set and achieve goals you must possess the skills of self-control and self-management. To develop self-management skills, you must first develop self-control.  In goal setting and goal achievement, controlling your emotions (self-control) is the first step before learning to manage your time, talents and resources (self-management).

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*Smith, Marky Ellison, A Mixed Paradigm Study of Transformational Learning Programs for At-Risk High School Students  (2004).

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