There are a number of ways to go about getting an application form. Some applications are only online, the only way to apply for the job is through the computer. Other jobs have onsite applications that you can get from a physical location. Depending upon how and where you get the application, there are some things you should know. The job application process begins as soon as you retrieve the application. This is especially important if you are getting the application onsite, at the location of the place you want to work.

getting an application

Here are five things to know about getting an application:

  1. Online applications
  2. Onsite applications
  3. Dress nicely
  4. Act professionally
  5. Come prepared

online application

Online Applications

Many companies are doing a lot of the recruiting process online, including completing the application. When you find a job for which you would like to apply, always check to see if there is an online application. One good thing about completing an application online is that you can take your time completing the form. If you don’t have all of the information you need to complete the application, you can look for it.

Filling out an application online also helps ensure it is neat and readable since you are typing the information instead of writing it by hand. You can have other people review the application before you submit it. They can help look for errors in content, spelling or grammar.  However, when you fill out an online application, you don’t have any opportunity to meet people at the company.

Online applications can also speed up the hiring process. Information is sent electronically, and it is searchable, so that the company can search for people with the skills and abilities that they need.  Once you submit your application online, further information is usually exchanged by email, so be sure to check your email often after completing an application. Some online application processes also give you an opportunity to upload your resume. Keep your resume complete and up to date so you are ready to include it if this is part of the online application process.

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Onsite Applications

Sometimes a company wants job candidates to come to the company and get an application form. One good thing about getting an application right from the company is that you are able to meet people in the company. You also get to see what it is like inside the company. Sometimes you will be expected to fill out the application before you leave the company. Always be prepared to fill out the application when you go into a company to ask for an application. You should also be prepared to have a conversation with someone at the company. This conversation could be like a mini interview. Potential employers may take the opportunity to meet with you while you are onsite. Be prepared!

professional dress

Dress Nicely

Whenever you go onsite to a company you want to dress nicely. This is your opportunity to make a good first impression. It shows that you are professional and that you care about how you look and dress. You are not only selling yourself with the information you put on your application. You are selling yourself as a whole person. How you dress is important to employers. Even if the job you are applying for does not require you to dress nicely, you want to show that you are professional and care about your appearance, and one way to do this is to dress appropriately for the situation. You also want to be prepared in case you are asked to interview right then and there!

Act Professionally

Pay attention to how you act when you are at a company. Follow directions for parking and park in the right location, most likely visitor parking. Don’t park in a spot that is reserved for company employees. Think about all of your actions as you enter the building and speak to the receptionist. Be courteous, kind and professional. Let people know you are interested in applying for the job and ask for an application. You may want to consider asking for an extra application in case you need it.

Ask about the process for getting the completed application back to the company. For example, you may need to send the application back or you may need to bring it back to the same location. There may be a specific person who needs to receive your application, so you will want to set up a time to drop it off with that person. Be sure you know what to do with the application after you are done filling it out. Always be sure to thank each person who talks with you.

Come Prepared

When you are going onsite to a company to get an application, you never know if you are going to have an opportunity to do more than just pick up the application.  You may be asked to fill out the application onsite. Be sure to take everything with you that you need to fill out the application. If you did the work in section one, you’ve already gathered and organized this information. Just make sure you take it with you in case you need to fill out the application onsite.

You may also have an opportunity to talk with someone, even if it’s a short conversation. Be prepared to share that you are interested and how you are a match for the job.  And, as we said earlier, you may even get asked to interview right away.  Most likely you will have the option to take the application with you to complete it.  Consider doing this if you want to spend more time making sure you are completing it correctly.

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