Completing the application process is the most important part of the application process. Take the time to read the application carefully, plan your answers, and then fill in your answers. It can be tempting to rush to turn in your application after you’ve worked hard filling it out. However, before you turn in your application, take a little bit more time to be sure you have not missed anything or made any mistakes.

completing the application

Here are a couple of important tips for completing the application process:

  1. Proofread the Application
  2. Sign and Keep a Copy of the Application
  3. Submit the Application


Proofread the Application

Before you turn in an application, take the time to make sure it is complete and error­ free.  Read through the entire application and make sure that all sections are filled in and that you have answered every question. Double check your writing to ensure there are no spelling or grammar errors.  Sometimes it’s hard for you to find these errors yourself. You know what you want it to say, so sometimes our minds play tricks on us and we read what we want to say even if that is not what is on the paper.  You may want to ask someone else to review your application to double check for mistakes. Remember, incomplete applications and spelling errors are reasons that applications get set aside. You took the time to fill out the application.  Take a little more time to make sure it is complete and without errors.

complete the application

Sign and Keep a Copy of the Application

Unlike your resume, you will need to sign the application. Generally you are agreeing to a statement that says you are being honest with your answers. It may say something like this: To the best of your knowledge, the information on this application is true and complete. This is very important.  You do not want to lie on an application. If you provide information that is not true, it can disqualify or rule out your application. Or, if you end up getting hired for the job and your employer finds out later that you lied on your application, you could be fired. You do not want to put yourself in either situation.

If you can, make a copy of the application before you turn it in.  Having a copy makes it easy for you to review if you are asked to come in for an interview.  Before you go to the interview, you can re­read your completed application to remind yourself about what you wrote. If you don’t keep a copy, you might end up at the interview trying to remember what you wrote and wondering if what you are saying is consistent with what your wrote on your application. Another good reason to keep a copy is that you can use it to help you as you complete other applications. Not all application are exactly the same, but there will be parts of any application that are similar. Perhaps you were really happy with the way you answered a certain question on the application. If you keep a copy, you don’t have to rethink the answer the next time you fill out an application.

Submit the Application

You have finished filling out the application, checked that it is complete and made sure there are no errors.  Now you’re ready to turn it in. Whether you are completing an online application or filling out a paper application, be sure to follow the instructions for submitting it. You want to make sure it goes to the right place and the right person.

With a paper application, you may have the choice of returning it to the company in person or by mail.  If you choose to return it in person, follow the same rules we talked about when picking up an application on site.  That is, whenever you go on site to a company you want to dress nicely. This is another opportunity to make a good impression. You want to show that you are professional and care about your appearance.  You may also be asked to interview or talk to someone on the spot!

If you are mailing the application, use a good quality envelope and make sure it is addressed correctly. Once again, you’ve taken the time to fill out the application, take the time to make sure it gets to the right place and the right person.  Don’t fold the application more than once. If there is a deadline for applying, make sure you send your application several days before the deadline. An application that arrives late will likely not be considered.

Thanks for tuning into our post on completing your job applications. We hope you gained some valuable insight on filling out your applications. If you would like to learn more about teaching workplace readiness skills, click the free trial link below.