We have all worked hard in our lives to accomplish a certain goal. In order to accomplish important goals in our lives, we need to have the skill of drive strength. Drive strength is the skill of discovering and then harnessing your motivation and energy to reach personal and career goals. This skill is especially important for you to teach your students as they seek to accomplish both academic and personal goals for themselves.

drive strength

Everyone is motivated by different things. This is because different people have unique forces that motivate them. In this series, we will look closely at the skill of drive strength. We will teach you to help your students set and prioritize their goals and then use motivation to achieve these goals.                     

Here are the topics we will cover in this series to teach drive strength to your students:

  1. Increasing Motivation

  2. Goal Setting

  3. 7 Rules for Goal Setting

  4. Tools for Setting and Achieving Goals

  5. Break up Goals into Different Categories

  6. Overcoming Conflicts

drive strength

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