Bullying Prevention: Developing Good Habits

It is impossible to implement change without developing good habits. You know the importance of resiliency in bullying prevention. In order for bullying prevention to be successful in your program, habits that foster resiliency need to be ingrained in the participants. Changing habits is possible but takes hard work, patience, [...]

Bullying Prevention: Characteristics of Resilient People

Everyone knows someone who is resilient whether it be a friend, relative, spouse, teacher, or coworker. These people accomplish what they set out to do, no matter the obstacles or challenges they face. All of these people share characteristics that enhance their level of resiliency. The following are some of [...]

Bullying Prevention: The Benefits of Self-Control

The importance of self-control in bullying prevention is undeniable. When people practice self-control they develop habits that prevent bullying from occurring in the first place. Increasing self-control also brings positive changes to those who practice it. In this post, we’ll discuss several benefits of increasing self-control. Talking about these benefits [...]

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