[Video] Teamwork in the Workplace

    Teamwork is crucial to workplace success! Great teamwork means strong communication, collaboration, and transparency. It can be challenging to remain honest, especially if you’ve made a mistake; however, honesty and trust go a long way for teamwork in the workplace. In this video, a manager isn’t sure that [...]

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[Video] Using Devices at the Office

    Devices can be extremely useful at the office. When used properly, devices can help employees organize, manage, or even work on their tasks. However, devices in the office can be distracting or misused. In this video, an employee asks her manager if she may use to device during [...]

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[Video] Communication During Meetings

    Meetings provide teams with a chance to exchange ideas, share information, and learn new tools to be successful in the workplace. If a team communications effectively during meetings they will have higher productivity and successful projects. Poor communication during meetings can lead to wasting company’s resources and time. [...]

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[Video] How to Make the Most Out Of Professional Networking Opportunities

    Networking opportunities arise pretty often in the professional sphere. While you may think your business card says more than enough about who you are and what you do, preparing to introduce yourself with your professional information is a great way to make a lasting impression. In this video, [...]

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[Video] Controlling Your Emotions & Keeping Your Cool at Work

Controlling your emotions means you’re keeping emotions in check in the workplace. That includes not losing your temper! Learning how to control your emotions takes time, but once you learn it, you’ll experience a better workplace.     In this video, listen to what the manager says. How did he [...]

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[Video] How Active Listening Improves Job Performance

Active listening means you’re concentrating on what the other person is saying and asking follow-up questions if you don’t understand. Learning how to actively listen to someone may take time. However, practicing how to listen and respond is an important soft skill for the workplace.     In this video, [...]

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How Critical Thinking Will Boost Your Problem Solving and Save Your Big Toe

One of the most important skills in developing successful personal and professional relationships is critical thinking. Critical thinking is a high level skill that allows somebody to process information (especially external information) in order to make a decision, come to a conclusion, or solve a problem. Because critical thinking requires [...]

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[VIDEO] What Good Flexibility Looks Like At Work

    Flexibility is a willingness to change or compromise. In many cases, it means adjusting your own plans for your time to accommodate a need or opportunity to assist project coworker. It is not a skill that comes naturally to many people as it requires putting aside your schedule [...]

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6 Media Rules You Should Never Break at Work

Technology allows us to do things more easily and faster than ever before. For businesses, that means employees can do their jobs more easily, which saves time and money.  On the other hand, with this new technology comes new guidelines, or rules, on how to use it properly in the [...]

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How to Understand and Master Teamwork in 6 Steps

Teamwork is a combined effort on the part of a group of people working together to achieve the same goal. Teamwork is built on three parts: vision, trust and communication. The first step to team building is to create a vision for the team. What is the team’s purpose and [...]

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