Bullying Prevention: Emotions

Bullying is a highly emotional event. Bullying prevention requires a high level of self-control. Any discussion on self-control requires a discussion of emotions. The emotional brain has a big impact on an individual's level of self-control. Emotions involve intense feelings with physical and mental manifestations. In this post, we examine [...]

Social Skills: Socializing at Work

The conversations people have at work are not always about work. It is appropriate at certain times to socialize, or talk to other people about non-work-related things. Just like socializing with friends, co-workers and managers are expected to socialize with one another. Socializing at work helps strengthen workplace relationships. Socializing [...]

Bullying Prevention: The Psychology of Self-Control

Everyone has a certain level of self-control. At one time or another, everyone must handle personal feelings and emotions during difficult life situations. Since bullying can be considered a difficult life situation, self-control is a crucial skill for dealing with bullying as well as bullying prevention. Everyone handles difficult life [...]

Social Skills: Controlling Emotions

Controlling personal emotions is important in life and especially the workplace. This is something that students seldom think about. Generally, they are used to "wearing their heart on their sleeve." However, behaving this way is unacceptable in the workplace. Having emotions or feelings about things is normal, but controlling these [...]

Social Skills: Interpersonal Communication Skills

Social skills are the methods people use to communicate with others. The process of using social skills is called socialization. Social skills are also known as interpersonal communication skills. In the workplace people communicate with each other everyday. Strong interpersonal communication skills enable them to talk with all types of [...]