Many of our new customers tell us that before they began using our Conover Online MECA® Interest Indicator they were using free print programs to help meet the assessment requirements for Indicator 13.  These “free” assessment tools look great on the surface—after all, they are free.  But, a closer look into the actual cost to administer, score, interpret, save results, assign follow-up activities, administer follow-up activities, store user results and finally collect data on each user in the system shows that these “free” tools cost the district big bucks.  Here is why.

For one class of 20 students who can read:




1 Administer interest survey
3 Score test
3 Create student folders
5 Review results with each student
2 Assign follow-up activities (2-3 exploration activities
5 Plan and administer follow-up activities
5 Review results with each student
1 Place in student folders
5 Assist each student in creating post-secondary goals
2 Document student goals and place data in each student’s folder
5 Select a high school course of study related to each student’s goals
10 Create reports on each student and place in students folders
10 Track each student’s progress while in school and make adjustments to post-secondary goals
10 Create a summary of performance and add to each student’s IEP

67 Hours



Average monthly teacher salary with benefits $4,278 or $51,336 yearly plus benefits (Source: Teacher Salaries: Everything You Wanted To Know, edudemic.com).




Cost for our Conover Online MECA Interest Indicator and follow-up exploration activities administration, scoring, benchmarking, reporting, and cloud-based data storage on each user in the system — $10.00 per administration x 20 users  = $200.00

•     no installs – runs on all computers and mobile devices

•     free data storage in the cloud

•     full audio feature for non-readers

•     supports most assistive technology devices

Teacher-led: $2,010.00 vs. Conover Online: $200 = Savings of $1,810.00