Technology allows us to do things more easily and faster than ever before. For businesses, that means employees can do their jobs more easily, which saves time and money.  On the other hand, with this new technology comes new guidelines, or rules, on how to use it properly in the workplace. Here, we talk about the 6 media rules to follow at work!

Media Rules to Follow at Work:

  1. Cell Phone Rules
  2. Email Rules
  3. Laptop and Tablet Rules
  4. Internet Use
  5. Internet Safety
  6. Social Media Use

1.Cell Phone Rules   

Recent studies show that Americans check their phones 150 times a day! That type of interruption is sure to hurt your workflow. Each employer has its own set of rules for cell phone use at work. It’s important that you know and follow your employer’s cell phone rules.

Follow these five cell phone use guidelines to get you started:

  •   No phone use during meetings
  •   No checking messages during meetings
  •   No personal phone calls (unless there’s an emergency)
  •   Send text messages when appropriate

2. Email Rules   

Email is one of the most common methods of communicating in the workplace. It’s convenient because it allows you to read and respond to the sender when you are ready. When used correctly, email is a great way to communicate with people at work. If used incorrectly or abused, email can be distracting and a waste of time.

Take time to learn and follow the following basic rules for using email in the workplace:

  • Use your work email for work
  • Respond as quickly as possible
  • Manage your inbox
  • Consider other ways to share information (work messaging platforms)
  • Make sure your emails are professional

3. Laptop & Tablet Rules   

Laptop computers and tablets have changed the way we work. Laptops and tablets are portable, meaning you can easily pack them up and carry them around. This allows you to take your work with you, so you can get work done anytime, anywhere.

Follow these five rules for using laptops and tablets in the workplace:

  •  Use appropriately during meetings
  •  Keep your device virus free
  •  Follow the policies of your employer
  •  Use work devices for work

4. Internet Rules  

The Internet plays an important role in the growth of media and different forms of communication. The Internet allows people to send emails, chat with people in real time, and see the people they are talking to, even if they are miles away.

While the Internet can be useful tool in the workplace, it must be used correctly. The Internet offers many distractions from work that can cause you to get off track and waste time that should be spent working. In order to make the most of the Internet, it’s important that you follow the rules when using the Internet at work.

Your employer might have a more specific set of rules to follow, but start by learning and following these four rules for Internet use at work:

  •  Search the web with a purpose
  •  Learn your company’s instant messaging rules
  •  Use the Internet efficiency
  •  Limit your time online

5. Internet Safety   

The Internet allows users to hide their true identity, or lie about who they really are. This inability to tell who people really are allows people to lie in order to get information and use it for illegal or inappropriate activity. It’s up to you as an Internet user to be careful every time you using the Internet.

Since this isn’t very realistic for most people, you can practice the following safety tips to help reduce your chances of running into Internet predators:

  •   Handle threatening emails carefully
  •   Be careful when sharing information
  •   Search the Internet carefully
  •   Protect personal information

6. Social Media Use   

Social media allows you to share information with friends, family and anyone else who might be looking for you online. It also makes it easier for businesses to reach potential customers. Because social media is commonly used for business purposes, most employers have to create more rules for social media use.

Follow these five rules for social media use in the workplace and in your free time to avoid running into trouble with social media:

  •   Learn social media safety
  •   Be careful when sharing Information
  •   Know your company’s social media privacy
  •   Report all cyberbullying