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Flexibility is a willingness to change or compromise. In many cases, it means adjusting your own plans for your time to accommodate a need or opportunity to assist project coworker.

It is not a skill that comes naturally to many people as it requires putting aside your schedule to help somebody else stay within his or her’s. Being able to be flexible, however, will allow you work better on a team, get more accomplished, and maintain important professional and personal relationships. 

What does good flexibility look like? The video above shows a great example!

If you were in this woman’s place, would you have done the same thing? It’s easy to think so, but try and visualize yourself in that situation.

Your boss has handed you an important report she wants completed by end of day. You already have an afternoon full of meetings, and a personal lunch. Your coworker, who works in the shop, is overrun with customers and needs your help.

You don’t usually work with customers…

and you have this report to do…

and you have a meeting later…

and it’s close to lunch time…

and who knows how long the customers will take?

The truth is that it’s actually really hard to be flexible. That goes especially for professional time. Even though flexibility is incredibly valuable, this winning quality is one of the most difficult to master in the workplace.

Our Conover Resources training allows you to learn this skill in a way that is concise, visual and doesn’t require you to move everything in your schedule around. Also, it will equip you to teach flexibility development to your students or employees, giving your work environment a measurable productivity boost.

If you want to learn more about how you can maximize your professional relationships and success at work by improving your flexibility, check out our free video course on Flexibility.