We’re always talking about how beneficial video modeling is to people with special needs. Some people have taken our word for it and have experienced it for themselves. Others are still waiting for proof or validation of its capabilities. For the latter group, it’s our pleasure to introduce to you, Jordyn.

Jordyn is a teenage girl with an inspiring story, and she is kind enough to share it with us and more importantly, our community. Jordyn reached out to us a few years ago because she had a compelling interest in our Functional Skills System. Since Jordyn has limited communication, the fact that she went to such great lengths to contact us via email and explain to us why she thought our programs would benefit her was convincing enough for us to make it happen.

Fast-forward two years to today, and we’re thrilled to learn that Jordyn has come so far in her social and functional development. She is using our video modeling technology to communicate with others and live an independent life. Here’s what Jordyn has to say about her experience with our programs:

“Two years ago, I started using Conover Company’s apps. With help from the Communication and Social Skills video modeling, I am continuously learning how to appropriately interact with peers. Unlike many other visual and video modeling programs Conover created the pictures and videos in the natural environment. This has been very beneficial for me, specifically when using the Shopping List Generator. Recently, I was in a building that was being painted and I knew the sign meant wet paint; the Safety Signs and Words video’s reinforce life-saving skills that I need to know. Although I still have some communication and sensory issues, I have come a long way in such a short time with the help of the Conover Company’s programs. I really don’t know how I would be doing without all the support from Terry.”  ~ Jordyn

Nothing makes us happier than learning about the positive impact our programs have on the lives of people like Jordyn. We are confident in the benefits of video modeling-based programs like our Functional Communication System and Functional Planning System, but it’s stories like these that really help to convince others of their potential. If you have a story that you’d like to share, we’d love to hear it!