Functional Independence

The Functional Skills System not only assesses and teaches independent living skills, but because the system is cloud-based, you can actually take it with you. Because the system works on smart phones and tablets, you can actually pull up the videos wherever you are, opening new doors for freedom and independence.

Our Functional Skills System can be used on your iOS device

Skill Levels

There are three skill levels to our Functional Skills System. Level 1 is our Signs and Words Series (SWS). This is our most basic program design. Level 2 is our How to Series (HTS). This is our intermediate level programs. Level 3 is our Learning Activity Series (LAS) and this is the most advanced series of programs in our Functional Skills System.

sws-logo Signs and Words Series – The Signs and Words Series (basic level) is a series of videos that teach what various signs and words mean and what to do when seeing that sign or word. This series includes titles like Core Vocabulary, Community Signs & Words and School Signs & Words.
hts-logo How To Series – The How To Series (HTS) teaches how to do various activities. Tasks are presented with a general overview and then broken into a sequence of steps performed in a set order. The HTS includes titles like Hygiene, Grooming, Dress and Workplace Social Skills.
las-logo Learning Activity Series – The Learning Activity Series (advanced level) takes our HTS to the next level. This series is targeted toward higher level functioning life skills learners. It incorporates interactive lessons based upon video modeling. The Learning Activity Series includes titles like Communication Skills, Telling Time, Everyday Social Skills and Workplace Social Skills.


Research-Based Effectiveness

Video modeling is the process of repeatedly observing appropriate language and behavior in real-life situations on a screen and then using this new behavior in real-life situations. The past 40 years have seen the concept of modeling grow into an evidence-based practice that is supported with extensive research showing real promise for teaching individuals with significant disabilities.


More Information

See how our student-driven assessments can make your job easier or find out more about how Conover Online credits can be used with our Functional Skills System. Our brochure has information on our credits-based pricing system, explains our pre and post-assessment process and lists of all the different components that make up our Functional Skills System.