Stress is becoming more and more common among students today. Between assignments, after-school activities and other responsibilities, it is easy for students to feel stretched too thin and pulled in many directions. This can commonly lead to stress. When not addressed, stress can cause various health problems among other issues.

This is why it is so important to teach your students how to manage their stress.  Learning to control stress, however, is a difficult thing to learn. Even if your students learn how to control their stress, they still have to put that knowledge to work. Many of us have the knowledge to do something but, when under pressure, we often go back to our old habits.

In this series, we will give you the tools to teach your students the basics of managing stress. We will also help you teach your students how to put this knowledge to work for them.

Photo Credit: Trainer Academy

Learning to manage stress involves the following skill areas:

  1. The Importance of Stress Management
  2. Destructive Thinking
  3. Constructive Thinking
  4. Self-Control
  5. How to Conquer Stress

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