Have you ever met people who seem to stay calm, even when the world around them gets out of control? These people are often easy to work with and they make great friends. They are respected and liked by others because they seem to have made peace with themselves. What they have done is mastered the skill of interpersonal awareness. What does interpersonal awareness mean?

Interpersonal awareness is the ability to project a true understanding and acceptance of others through awareness of verbal and nonverbal communication and a deep knowledge of your own thoughts and emotions. Interpersonal awareness is a valuable skill to teach your students. When you do, they will become better communicators, friends and leaders. When they learn more about themselves, they will learn how to listen to others, how to put them at ease and how to earn their trust. You will also see them become more confident and understanding.

While there are thousands of theories on how to learn interpersonal awareness, we will cover the following topics to help you teach this skill to your students:

  1. Self-Awareness
  2. Steps to Improve Self-Awareness
  3. Interpersonal Skills
  4. Improving Communication Skills
  5. Developing Your Listening Skills
  6. Empathetic Listening

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