Are you familiar with the phrase, “Whatever it Takes”? Usually this phrase is used in reference to accomplishing a task or achieving a goal. This phrase is the very essence of commitment ethic. Commitment is all about the drive to obtain a specific goal by pursuing it until it is achieved.

Now, think about how many times have you heard a student use the phrase “Whatever it takes”. Maybe you have heard quite a few students have such commitment, but maybe not. Whatever the case, imagine that you could teach the skills of commitment ethic to your students. How would your classroom improve if your students all developed this “Whatever it Takes” attitude?

The good news is that commitment doesn’t take genius or talent. What does it take? It just requires self-efficacy and well-chosen goals. That’s where the “ethic” in Commitment Ethic comes in. Commitment cannot happen without a deeply held ethic, or belief, in the need to achieve a goal.

Commitment ethic is a learned skill. So, it all starts with taking small commitments and learning to follow through. Little successes pave the way for bigger successes. A strong commitment ethic will lead your students to pursue their goals for as long as it takes to accomplish them. A good commitment ethic feeds the behaviors of success.

Here are the topics we will cover in this series:

  1. Facts About Making a Commitment

  2. Interpersonal Commitment

  3. Commitment to Ourselves

  4. Project Commitment

  5. Motivation

  6. Setting Goals

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