I am pleased to announce that The Conover Company Functional Skills System software programs are now compatible with the iPod Touch and iPad. We began this project back in April of 2010 in response to former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs’ announcement that, if publishers want their programs to be compatible with Apple’s mobile technology, they would need to reprogram their software in HTML5 format. Many publishers dragged their feet knowing full well the amount of effort and cost that would be incurred with this kind of massive reprogramming effort. However, The Conover Company listened and concurred that it was time to make that change.

Now our Functional Skills System software customers can use our 87 apps (and growing) along with our software on both the iPod Touch and the iPad. We still maintain our Internet version and DVD versions for stand-alone and network software, as well as our flash drive version which requires no installation of any kind.

Another excellent option for acquiring our Functional Skills System is through our iPod or iPad Lab Package.







Look for the new HTML5 version of our Functional Skills System software to become available within the next 30 days. Contact The Conover Company for more information.