One of the major issues with current Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) applications and devices is the disconnect between the symbols and drawings that are used in the application/device and the real world.  Many users need to not only learn the symbols and drawing used for communication, but they must also learn the real-life counterparts they represent.  What ends up happening many times is the user is forced to double their workload – they are forced to learn a life skills curriculum essential for functional independence, and then they must learn a symbol library AND be able to make the connections between the two.

Enter the Functional Communication System by Conover

The Functional Communication System is designed to bridge this gap between the real and the representation.  At it’s core, it’s a customizable iPad AAC application developed in conjunction with Speech-Language Pathologists, but under the hood is video functionality that allows you to connect back to our comprehensive video library for teaching, reinforcing, and reviewing basic life, literacy, math, work and social skills.  All the icons in the application are images taken right from our Functional Skills System videos, and the videos are attached to the items in the device.  You can also create your own items and categories and shoot your own videos on the iPad as well as record your own audio, allowing you to fully customize the application for the user.

Videos Teach by Example

For over 30 years, the Conover Company has been an industry leader in providing video-based life skills curriculum that is both engaging and age-appropriate.  Our Functional Skills System video library has over 3,350 videos and more are added every day.  The ability to draw on this video library makes the task of teaching the functional skills needed for communication much easier and simpler.

The Functional Communication System by Conover is slated for release in early November.  Watch our Facebook and Twitter feeds for more information on this application in the near future.