commitment ethic

In your classroom, you can easily tell the difference between a committed student and a non-committed student. Take a minute to think of a committed student that you have in your classroom or have had in the past. Students like these are ones who set goals and work above and beyond to achieve them. They are often the ones that show up early for class and stay late to ask you questions. You can sense their motivation and determination to succeed in your classroom.

You can also probably think of some students you have had that were not committed to success in your classroom. We’re talking about students who show up late, don’t pay attention in class and don’t ask for help. They may seem like they couldn’t care less about your assignments and grades. What could be, however, is that they never learned how to care. They may not have ever learned to set a goal and work hard to reach it. They may lack the skill of commitment ethic.

So, what is commitment ethic?

Commitment ethic is the drive or ability to reach a goal by doing what needs to be done until it is achieved. It is a deeply held belief that once you have agreed to do something, you must do it until it is completed. This skill is not just important for your students, but also for you to have as an educator. And if you can easily tell which students are committed, your students will notice if you are committed. They can tell if you will “give up” on them halfway through the year, or if you will go the extra mile to help them learn. They can sense how committed you are to your career and goals.  This affects their own ability to put forth the effort needed to have classroom success.

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