Technology and education go hand-in-hand. The right tools can make all the difference in a learner’s success. The growing trend in web-based technology within the realm of education makes perfect sense. Online availability allows learners to access their tools anytime, anywhere. And that’s huge because let’s face it, learning shouldn’t stop as soon as the student leaves the classroom. Here are just 5 reasons why web-based transition assessments are so powerful.

1. Less Expensive

A credits-based system allows you to pay incrementally, eliminating the need for a large up-front purchase or even subscription-based services. You don’t have to worry about buying a product and renewing it every year whether you use it or not. You only pay for what you use, and you don’t have to worry about it expiring.

2. Easy to Set Up

With a cloud-based system, you don’t have to have your IT department set up the assessment before you can even use it. You simply fire up your web browser and log in – there’s no need to install anything! The best systems are not the most complex – they are the ones you can “just use”.

3. Easy to Support

Nothing is more annoying than firing up an application and getting a message saying you need to download an update before you can use it. With a web-based system like Conover Online, the updates are rolled out automatically. Every time you log in, you have access to the most up-to-date version – and you didn’t have to do anything!

4. Easy to Use

Web applications, like iOS applications, don’t require a manual – if you know how to use Internet Explorer or Safari, you know how to use a web application. If you’ve ever surfed the web, you already know how to use it. Web applications are designed to be easy to navigate because nothing is hidden. You don’t have to memorize keyboard shortcuts because you can easily get to wherever you want to go.

5. Easy to Take With You

Many web applications are designed using web standards like HTML5, which allows them to be used on mobile technologies like Apple’s iPad and iPod touch. This is even more important with programs that deal with life skills, because the user often needs visual reminders of what to do in certain social situations. Having the ability to pull up video content on your mobile device opens doors to freedom and independence for these users.

What Makes an Effective Assessment?

In order for a transition assessment to be effective, it must be accessible and easy to use. Web-based transition assessments meet both of these criteria on several levels. They are more affordable than traditional software assessments, which opens the door of accessibility for families and classrooms on a budget. The simplicity and portability of web-based assessments make them the optimal program for those striving to live independently.

Over the past 18 months, we have been hard at work converting our entire MECA (Microcomputer Evaluation of Careers & Academics) System over to the internet. The result is Conover Online, the premiere web-based transition assessment system available.  Conover Online combines research-based effectiveness with cloud-based convenience, giving you access to some of the most power transition tools available anytime, anywhere.