Conover Online

Product Description

Conover Online is a web-based assessment and curriculum system that covers four unique areas:

  1. Vocational Assessment
  2. Self-Determination
  3. Social/Emotional Learning
  4. Independent Living Skills

All user data is electronically captured by our comprehensive management system. Conover Online gives you usage and performance analytics, real-time data tracking, and program management tools to improve productivity and comply with federal and state reporting requirements.

Pay Only For What You Use

Unlike a lot of online learning programs, Conover Online is NOT a subscription but uses the concept of “Credits”. Credits are how you deliver content in Conover Online. They allow you to create customized learning plans based on the user’s specific needs.


Think of Conover Online as a giant software vending machine. Conover Online Credits are the currency that buys you the candy bar. You can buy anything in the machine, but you don’t pay just to have access to it – you only pay for what you actually “consume” – meaning you never overpay.

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Management System

All assessments and curriculum are electronically integrated into our comprehensive and revolutionary Conover Online management system. This allows for a seamless program integration from the interest test to the assigning & delivery of instruction, to the benchmarking & tracking of data. The management system eliminates the expensive and time-consuming activities of scoring, interpreting, and reporting results, and frees up the program administrator to help where needed.


Cloud-Based Convenience

Once an assignment is made, users have access to that assignment until it’s fully completed. Because the entire program is cloud-based, it will save their progress when they exit and pick up where they left off when they log back in – even if it’s on a different computer or device.


Available Programs


The MECA (Microcomputer Evaluation of Careers and Academics) System is an age-appropriate transition, career exploration, career assessment and vocational assessment system related to training, education and employment. The multimedia delivery of all assessments allows the system to focus on each individual user’s interests, abilities and needs.

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Workplace Readiness

Our Workplace Readiness Credential is an answer to the cry businesses have had for many years for soft skills assessment and training. According to most every employer survey, soft skills trump hard skills every time, 85% soft skills to 15% hard skills. The system focuses on key soft skills such as attitude, communication, planning & organizing, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, teamwork, professionalism and basic media rules. Available as an online or instructor-led course.

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Personal Responsibility

Our Personal Responsibility program puts the emphasis where it belongs – on the individual – teaching the ability to set clear, attainable goals and then to manage oneself to the successful completion of these goals. Our Personal Responsibility program will help users overcome self-defeating behaviors and teach them the skills of personal responsibility and self-determination.

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Success Profiler

The Success Profiler is a systematic, research-based assessment and skill-building system designed for social/emotional development. Employers have placed a premium on these key success skills that are essential for today’s workplace. These social/emotional skills are primary factors of motivation and the gateway to lifelong learning and high levels of achievement.

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Anger Management

Road rage, murder, rape, and child abuse are just a few of the many tragedies our society suffers as a result of violence. Violent behavior is often the result of stressful events that trigger the inability to control an overwhelming sense of anger. The Anger Management Program teaches a positive alternative to violence, and in turn helps to develop a healthy personality. Available as an online or instructor-led course.

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Bullying Prevention

The Bullying Prevention Program doesn’t just treat the symptom, it treats the disease. By focusing on and addressing the root cause of bullying by developing a healthy personality (emotionally competent), personal needs are met and essential social/emotional skills are developed outside the bullying process. Our assessment tools assess the key social/emotional factors related to a healthy personality, then deliver targeted instruction to help individuals develop these critical success skills.

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Anxiety Management

If fear and worry are left unchecked, the result is anxiety. Anxiety is a feeling of fear and worry, typically about an event or uncertain outcome. When anxiety and resulting depression overtake our lives, it can impact our health, our relationships and even our personal success in school and the workplace.

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Winning Colors

Winning Colors is a way to identify the dominant behaviors of yourself and others. In minutes, you will learn what motivates people to act the way they do! Unlike most personality assessments, Winning Colors takes less than five minutes to grasp the principles of the process and begin enjoying the insights it brings.

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Functional Skills System

Our Functional Skills System is a life skills curriculum that provides easy-to-understand information that allows learners to become more functionally independent in their homes, schools, communities and workplaces. This system increases a learner’s ability to make appropriate choices. Gaining functional literacy, social, life and work skills allows for freedom and independence. Available as an online or instructor-led course.

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Opening New Doors With Mobile Technology

Conover Online removes the limitations of traditional software systems. Now you can access any part of our Conover® system any time on any computer or mobile device, whether it’s at school, at work, at home, or in the community. With the flexibility of our online system, you now have options:


More Information

Want more information? Our PDF brochure has information on our credits-based pricing system and an explanation of the benefits of using a cloud-based system. It also lists many of the advantages with using mobile technology to deliver assessment & instruction and includes a detailed breakdown of all the various programs available in the Conover Online system.

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