Back to school shopping is overwhelming, to say the least. Teachers send out their lists of recommended school supplies, filled with things like pencils, erasers, markers and rulers. Well what if we told you that we could simplify your shopping list. This year, instead of heading off to Target for back to school shopping, make a trip to the iTunes App store and fill your student’s backpack with nothing more than an iPad loaded with our Functional Planning System and Functional Communication System apps. How’s that for simplicity?!

Now, I know this sounds a little unconventional, but let me explain.

The Functional Communication System in the Classroom

Going into an environment where you’re expected to learn and interact with your teachers and peers with no easy way to communicate is stressful and doesn’t lend well to an effective learning environment. For students with developmental disabilities, like autism, this is the reality they face every time the new school year rolls around.

The Functional Communication System is a customizable, video-based communication app built for the iPad. It leverages the power of video modeling, so your child can look at a picture of whatever it is they’re trying to say, click on it, and make their point loud and clear. As the parent or teacher, you can even customize the app for your student, so that the words they need the most are right at their fingertips. No longer will your child come home from school frustrated and discouraged after another long day in the classroom.

Back to School with the Functional Planning System

Getting back into a routine is hard for any student. Once school starts up again there’s a schedule to keep and deadlines to meet every day. The Functional Planning System is a customizable video prompting tool that can help your student stay on task throughout the school day. Now you can set alarms for each activity and task, and include a step by step video to guide your student through the completion of each task. The Functional Planning System can take your child through the process of getting ready for school, to getting on the bus, to each different class and finally, home again.

Often people with developmental disabilities like autism lack the fine motor skills necessary to hold a pencil or marker, and verbal communication can be a struggle. This year, give your student the ability to experience school in a whole new way. The iPad, complete with the Functional Planning System and Functional Communication System allows your student to communicate with their teachers and friends, create to their hearts content, and get through the school day all on their own.