In our previous post, we discussed the new WIOA law and what that means for federal and youth programs. With the new law, federal programs now serve more youth with disabilities and must ensure they are prepared for the workforce. Youth programs have only served 20% of youth with disabilities, but now that number will jump to 70% with the new law.

Research shows that only 15% of worker success is determined by what they know, or hard skills. That means the other 85% of a worker’s success is determined by soft skills.

Because of the importance to soft skills are critical for them to maintain jobs we want to relieve any stress the new WIOA law with our Workplace Readiness Credential program.

The Conover Company has over 30 years of research and development in this area and have used this knowledge to create a Workplace Readiness Program to assist program participants in securing and succeeding in the workplace.

What is Workplace Readiness

The Workplace Readiness program bridges the gap between hard and soft skills by fostering important skills such as planning, attitude, and social skills. It will have three series within the program to complete. The first is called the Job Readiness Series.

The Job Readiness Series starts with our Job Readiness Map. The Job Readiness Map is an assessment that pinpoints the level of skills that each user has in eight categories. Once complete, there are skill-enhancements that are automatically assigned. There are eight skill-enhancements in the Job Readiness program. Each one takes an hour to two hours to complete. This program can be done from any computer or tablet and can be done at the User’s pace.

  1. Attitude

  2. Communication

  3. Planning and Organizing

  4. Critical Thinking

  5. Interpersonal/Social Skills

  6. Teamwork

  7. Media Rules

After completing the appropriate skill-enhancement, they will take a post-assessment to measure the skills gains. User’s need to be prepared to fulfill that 85% of soft skills needed to succeed at a job.

Prepare Youth with Disabilities for the Workforce

With this new law, federal programs need to serve 50% more people with disabilities. With 50% more workload and no additional time, you need to be more efficient in providing services. Our technology can provide a great way to help these youth feel prepared for the workplace.

This Workplace Readiness program will help bridge the gap between hard and soft skills. Don’t wait until the deadline to expand your programs.