To demonstrate reliability means to show people that one can be depended upon. A team needs to be able to rely on all members of the team to do their part. The major benefit of teams is they are able to achieve more than an individual would on their own. This only works if each teammate is reliable. Teammates need to feel like they can trust one another to do what they say they will do. Demonstrating reliability is the best way to establish and grow this trust. In this post we examine several ways team members show their reliability to the rest of the team.

Show Commitment

Team members are counted upon to care about the cause of the team and to work toward the team’s goals. Team members show they are committed to the cause by doing their part. They participate in group projects, contribute to conversations, and complete individual assignments for which they are responsible.

Sometimes, showing commitment might mean going above and beyond expectations. When a solution doesn’t come easily, they dig in and keep trying until they figure it out. This may mean putting in extra time or effort on a project to help the team succeed.


Meet Deadlines

Team members have individual tasks or assignments that they need to do on their own. Most of these tasks have deadlines that other team members are reliant upon. Successful teams complete these assignments within the specified time frame. It is especially important to meet deadlines when working in a group. Other team members could be stuck on their tasks until a different team member gets their job done.

on time

Be On Time

Being on time is an easy way to demonstrate reliability. Using a calendar to track appointments and the times of these appointments is crucial. Doing a daily review of that days meetings and tasks is a good habit to develop. In order for teams to be successful they must minimize the amount of time that is wasted. When people remember their appointments and get there on time the team’s time is used more efficiently.

consistency is key

Be Consistent

In order for a car to be considered “reliable” the car must be consistent or run the same way all of the time. The way a team runs is much the same and relies on the consistency of the team members. Consistency as a teammate means showing up and doing your best every single day. The more consistent team members are the more consistent the team will be. This consistency as a team will help the team be successful in reaching its goals.

follow through

Follow Through

Following through means team members do what they say they are going to do. Following through is an essential part of being a reliable teammate. When a team member says they are going to do something, the rest of the team trusts that it is going to get done. Follow through is where accountability meets the teamwork process. The team will know whether or not individual team members are following through with their commitments. When everyone follows through, the team succeeds.