Soft Skills Roundup: August


Here at Conover, we are passionate about emotional intelligence and soft skills. We’ll be looking at six big examples which we think shine a light on how important understanding and developing soft skills can be.


1. News – Stephen Hawking: Black Holes “Are Not The Eternal Prisons” We Once Thought


Space is fascinating. We love this article because Stephen Hawking has used critical thinking to, once again, discover a new theory about black holes.

Prior to this recent lecture, Hawking had said that black holes emit radiation. Now, he’s claiming black holes aren’t as black as once thought. He now believes things sucked into a black hole can exit by the other side..or end up in a different universe.

2. Article – Time Management Hacks I Wish I’d Known at 20

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We all wish we had known these time management hacks. Most people can agree time management is something they can improve on.

We love #10!


3. Article – The 10X Entrepreneur

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We love this quote by Grant Cardone!



4. Opinion – The Empathy Lesson Jeff Bezos’ Amazon Desperately Needs


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Excellent article by Jo Confino that talks about the importance of empathy. The most important quality a leader can have is empathy because it keeps them connected to the people of their company.


5. Article – 8 New Rules of Public Speaking

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Public speaking is a major fear amongst adults! However, learning how to speak in public, and speak well in public, it’s an irreplaceable trait.

As nerve-wracking as public speaking is, it’s important to learn speaking techniques to help you communicate to a large group.


6. News – Bringing Resiliency and Normalcy to Ebola-Free Liberia

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Resiliency is such an important soft skill. Having strong resiliency means being able to adapt with change, overcome obstacles, and be able to rise above those obstacles.

Ebola is a very controversial topic; however, Jolene Mullins is able to highlight the resiliency of the LIberian people and how they will overcome this Ebola epidemic.

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