Everyone has a stereotype in their head of what constitutes a “professional” look. Often it’s the picture of a well groomed business person with a brief case. But the look or physical appearance of a person is just one aspect of what makes someone professional. Professionalism is a way of speaking, behaving and even thinking that helps a person to be successful in the workplace. Most businesses hold their employees to high standards of professionalism. Your goal is to get your students ready for the workplace. Getting them to understand what professionalism is and how they can adhere to it is a big part of that goal.

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Although every organization has different standards for professionalism, the pieces that make up professionalism are always the same. This blog series on professionalism will look at several of these pieces that will cover the basics of professionalism.

In this series on professionalism, we will cover the following skill areas related to professionalism and how your students can get these crucial skills:

1. Workplace Rules and Expectations
2. Personal Responsibility
3. Workplace Ethics
4. Physical Appearance
5. Language
6. Minding Your Manners

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